Monday, December 29, 2008

Curse of a Father

Samba was a son of lord Krishna and Jambvanti. He was very handsome but arrogant.
He was becoming mischievous day by day. Every other day numerous complaints reached Lord Krishna . One day Lord Krishna lost his patience and cursed Samba. Due to the curse Samba suffered from leprosy at the very next moment. This shocked her mother. She requested Lord Krishna to take back the curse. But it was against the nature. Only one alternative was left. Lord Krishna ordered Samba to pray to Lord Surya in order to get rid off the curse. Samba, without wasting a minute rushed to sacred place Kashi. Here he prepare a pond(Kunda) and worshipped Lord Surya with utmost devotion. After some time Lord Surya pleased with his prayers and he blessed him . In this way Samba manage to get librated from the curse of his father. It is believe that a person who take bath in that pond(kunda) on Sunday and worship lord Surya, he get liberated from diseases.

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