Monday, November 11, 2013


There is a mention of the word “deep daan” in hindu classics. Literally it means lighting of lamp in front of deity. Specially in the month of Kaartik it is very important to light a lamp.It is considered as a powerful remedy for pacification of a planet in astrology. Also it is a tradition in Hindu’s regarding lighting a lamp before deity. It is considered very auspicious to light a lamp at the time of sandhya(twilight). During the days of special pooja a lamp is maintained continuously for certain number of days known as “Akhand jyoti” meaning unbroken light. Light is considered as a symbol of auspiciousness, prosperity and abundance in the Hinduism. Even in Feng-shui the use of light is considered very important to harness the positive effects of nature. Where as the darkness represent ignorance and inauspiciousness. Also the darkness is abode of ghosts and spirits. The wick in the oil lamp is a symbol of ego and the oil represents negative feelings. It is believe that unless ego,desires and negative feelings remove,the soul can not get rid off the bondage of rebirth. This burning of lamp is a symbolic representation of getting rid of desires and ego. The flame of a lamp always burns upwards. Similarly we should acquire such knowledge as to take us towards higher planes. So, next time friends, never miss an opportunity to light a lamp in front of your ishta devta to ward off the evils generated due to paap-karmas of past birth.

Yeh waada raha!!!

Marriage is a union of two souls. A girl who spent memorable days with her parents has to make the biggest sacrifice of her life for her husband. After the marriage her “gotra” also changes. Before the commencement of “Saptapadi” ceremony bridegroom has to make the 10 promises to make sure the parents of girl that after the marriage their most precious gift of god would be in safe hands. Bridegroom makes the following 10 promises before the ceremony.
1)look after her like himself
2)Always consult her before making any decision
3)He will never show unhappiness on her failure to perform duties
4)will have full faith in spouse
5)To give all affection and love
6)To bring all income to home
7)Never criticize her in public
8)Follow courteous attitude towards her
9)To fulfill all responsibilities towards her even in extreme conditions
10)To respect her parents.
So, instead of celebrating marriage ceremony, husband should refresh his promises made by him in front of Agni.The more he remembers his promises, the more godeess "Mahalaxmi" resides at his place.

Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Shubh Snaan

In our classics various remedies are recommended to pacify the ill effect of planet. Bathing in medicinal water is one amongst them. It is said that such remedy removes all the obstacle caused by unfavourble transit of planets. Last but not least it should be performed in an auspicious muhurat, only then this remedy gives it full positive effect. So, when the following planets are bad in transit, then bath as follows
Sun- Bad effect of malefic transiting sun could be removed if one bath with illaichi,honey,khas-khas,kesar,lotus,Roli, cinnamon,black pepper, dry ginger,cardamom
Moon-bath with lotus,conch,shell,Belpatra,Sphatic,Panchgavya
Mars-Red flower,leaves of china rose,,Naag kesar,turmeric
Mercury- honey,nag kesar,panchgavya,mint,bhringra
Jupiter-honey,seeds of yellow mustard,flowers of malti,juhi,chameli,ketki,ashwagandha,,almonds,walnut,cashews
Venus-saffron,white lotus,rose,jasmine
Saturn-Kala til,Saunph,shilajit,triphala,ashwagandha
Rahu-Doorva,Bilav patra,camphor
Ketu-Annar,Red sandal

Fears and phobias

The word “phobia” has a long list of its variations. In medical science there is no any specific cause is explain. But a careful examine of a chart yield sufficient information about the cause of psychological trouble. The whole analysis revolves around 3 key
They are the significator of mind, nervous system and wisdom respectively. Any sort of afflictions by malefics cause psychological problem to a native. The nature of problem varies with the natural significance of planet which is being afflicted as well as the planet which causes affliction. In astrology there are many causes which yield to one result. To support the above analysis one has to take into account of other factors also. Here Lagna and 5th house plays very important role.Lagna is a representative of head where as 5th house shows mental inclination.Also Aries sign which represent “Head” in kaalpurush kundli, if afflicted by malefics then it also act as a supporting factor. Classics mention some of combinations of psychological disorders as follows-
kemdruma Yoga- It is formed when there is no planet in 2nd & 12th house from moon
Jupiter in lagna and Mars in 7th house or vice versa
Saturn in lagna and mars in trines or in 7th house from it
Rahu and moon in lagna and malefics in trines
Saturn and weak moon conjunct in 12th house.
Moon in 8th aspected by malefics
Saturn in lagna,sun in 12th with moon/mars in trines
Dual aspect of mars and Saturn on moon with moon occupying navamsha of malefic
Antardasha of enimical planet
Last but not least, role of upgrah of shani, Mandi should not be ignored.Wherever it sits in horoscope as well as whichever planet with it conjuncts , it causes disastrous results.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Vivah kundli

The time at which marriage is actually performed has a special meaning. Now a days people rarely pay importance to the time at which marriage ceremony starts. This ignorance can prove costly.According to sages, the lagna at the time of marriage gives sufficient hint about the happenings in post married life. For a female native, in chart of muhurat, following planets represent the relatives respectively-
1)sun-father in law
2)venus-mother in law
3)7th lord-husband
4) lagna- health
5) Moon-mind/psychology
and for a male native the representations changes a little bit as follows
1)Moon – Wife
4)Jupiter- sons
6) Saturn-domestic comforts
In a muhurat kundli when a particular planet is weak,then the significations of that planet looses.For example if in muhurat chart Moon is deblitated,then the female will deprive of the happiness from the mother-in-law.Apart from that one has to make sure that 7th house of muhurat kundli contains no planet.Other wise a dosha called “Jamitra Dosham “ will be created if the following planets are found in the 7th house. The corresponding result is given below-
1)moon- trouble
3)mars-failure of marriage
4)mercury-indifference in opinion
5)Jupiter-brings disgrace
6)venus-bad conduct
7)Saturn-adverse effect to children
9)ketu- lunatic
So, to ward off the evil effect on should perform marriage in a muhurat as selected by qualified astrologer

Gemstone in which hand?

Gems remains the area of fascination for every people. Now a days it is use as remedial measure by astrologers as well as palmists. But before wearing a gem one should follow certain procedure to charge them. Then comes the real question,in which hand it should wear? There is lot of confusion about this. The following views are prevelant in the society.
View 1- Males should wear on the right hand and females should wear on left hand. The logic is simple. The right hand portion of the human body is rule by masculine energy where as left hand is rule by feminine energy.
View 2- Right handed person should wear on the right hand and vice versa. The logic is that the active hand is linked directly with the conscious mind.
View 3- The gem of planet belonging to male group should be worn on right hand, where as gem of planet belonging to female group should be worn on left hand.
View 4-Lagna to the sixth house are the right side of a male native and the other six signs remaining starting from the 7th house to the 12th house is the left side of the male native. Reverse is in the case of a female native.
View 5- All odd signs are masculine and even signs are feminine.Wear the gem according to nature of sign where it is placed.
View 6- Wearing gem on the basis of Raashi. But this theory is fail because Even for jatakas for the same raashi the role of each planet is different for different native which in turn depends upon the lagna chart.
Every view has its own merits and demerits. So next time when you wear a gem, make sure that it should be wore in correct hand.Otherwise you may land yourself in big trouble.

Bell in Hinduism

It is customary for the follower of Hindu religion to ring a bell in the temple. Symbolically it is done to invoke the divinity. The ringing of the bell produces what is regarded as an auspicious sound. It produces the sound Om, the universal name of the Lord. The “Om” itself means welcome to God. This sound is so auspicious that it trigger the positive thought process for that moment. In any remedy it is the feeling of the doer which holds the key position. In Hinduism at the time of birth it is the sound of “Om” which is made to echo in the ears of the new born. Ringing of bell blocks outside disturbances and sounds to enter the arena making it full of saatwik(pure) energies. The sound of bell includes all music. If devotee don’t have any instrument, then ringing a bell is sufficient. It is a respect to God and telling him that we are there to pray him and asking him to listen our pray. Some classics even states that one who rings the bell with a symbol of Garuda or the Lord's chakra on it attains liberation from birth and death.Next time when you visit a temple,never hesitate to ring a bell!!

Vrat-Ek Sankalp

In Hinduism, the devotees observe fast frequently. Literal meaning of Fasting in Sanskrit is “upavaasa”. This word is a combination of “upa” and “vaasa”.The word “Upa” means "near" and the word “vaasa” means "to stay". Thus Upavaasa signify staying near the God. During fasting people do not eat at all or eat saatwik food. In kaliyuga people indulge in eating “Taamsik” food. The kind of food which we eat has a direct effect on our thought process. Even in yoga it is believe that the body is like a machine which needs overhauling at regular interval. The more one indulge the senses, the more they make their demands. Fasting helps us to control over our senses. If the fasting is done without any motive then it could make a person weak or can create a desire to indulge later. Discipline is required in every sphere of life. Vrat is a special undertaking, keeping some goal in mind, and making a resolution about it. For example scattered rays of sun can not burn a paper, whereas if they are concentrated then they are very powerful. From astrological point of view the vrat for the malefic planet should be done. for example for a person of Pisces ascendant, he should avoid the vrat of Monday. Similarly for a person of virgo ascendant , it is advisable to keep fast on Tuesday during the dasha of Mangal.So next time, do not keep the fast blindly

Mangal Dosham-Kitna Sahi aur Kitna Galat

In my previous article I have mentioned the conditions under which a person qualifies for a manglik dosha.The word “Dosha” has many meaning. In liberal sense it means disqualification. The significations of mars such as violence,anger,fire,death etc are narrated in the books with a lot of hype.Our sages laid various qualifications for marriage for both boy and girl.All the rules written in our classics are according to ancient period. They have to be interpreted carefully in this e-age. In ancient times there were many strict rules for girls. If in a girl’s horoscope one found Martian influence, it was considered bad as it lead to courage and fighting spirit. The time when classics were written there was likely chances of wars for kings and his army. So, the chances of death and injury was high.But in this age there are very few takers for the jobs of defence and the possibility of frequent wars is remote. Now the question is how a mars can affect relationship. Since it is planet of fire and anger so it can cause drift and tension. Its effect can be observed as well as averted as follows
a)These days the nature of jobs is such that people travel around the world frequently with great ease. So, husband and wife meet for very less time. Though this scenario was considered bad on old days but it is very acceptable these days.
b)With the introduction of new kinds of jobs people work at night rather than day.So there is hardly any space left for Dharma.
c)Girls are working and not the home makers only.So there is hardly anytime for fighting
d) The communications are done through emails and SMSes, a kind of drift
e) Due to social networking sites, the concept of multi-relations got a new dimension
f) Due to various professional commitments, people donot want progeny at the young age.So, space for discharge of “Pitra Rina” shrink automatically.
g) Increase in singular family instead of joint family system is very common.It is another variation of mangal dosham
The above variations are very acceptable these days. Overstressing on manga dosham should be avoided.Now come to the exceptions for Mangal Dosham.As every rule has a exception.I am presenting various rules of exception prevelant in the society.
1)In 8th house the dosha is full, in lagna 1/2, in 7th 1/4, in 4th 1/8 and in 12th and 2nd houses 1/16.
2)No dosha if mars is in its its own house or exaltation house.
3) No dosha if aspected by a benefic.
4)Mars in moveable signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn) cancels the dosha.
5)If the lord of the house where Mars is situated is in Kendra (i.e. 1st, 4th or 10th house) from Lagna the dosha gets cancelled.
6)If Mars posited in above houses is debilitated, retrograde or combust; loses his strength to form a Kuja Dosha.
7).Some classics states that Mars in Cancer or Capricorn removes Manglik Dosha.
8). For Cancer & Leo Lagnas, the Mars is not evil
9)Mars is in its own sign (Aries, Scorpio) ,
10) Mars is in the house of friends (Sun, Jupiter, Moon).
11) If Mars is in the 2nd house, but in the signs of Gemini or Virgo.
12) No Dosha when Mars is in 4th house, and the signs are Aries and Scorpio.
13)If Mars is in the 7th house, but in Cancer or Capricorn.
14) If Mars is in the 8th house, but in Sagittarius or Pisces.
15) If Mars is in the 12th house, but in Taurus or Libra.
16) For Aquarius ascendant, if Mars is in the 4th or 8th house.
17) If benefic Jupiter or Venus occupies the ascendant.
18) If Mars is in conjunction or aspected by Jupiter or Moon.
Caution-However, Mangal dosham is not something, which can be totally ignored. As in certain conditions it is highly harmful.So overall analysis of chart is very important rather that people making self decision on the basis of software available in the market.

Omen- I

”Shakun-Shaastra” is a study of omen. Palpitating or trembling of organs has a special place in the consideration of omens. As a general rule fluttering of right side organs of the male and left side organs of female is considered as good omen. Also trembling indicates auspicious results except back of the body and leg pits. Following are the results of trembling of body parts.

Head-Gain of Land and happiness in journey.
Center of eyebrows-Love and affection
EyeLid-(Right) happiness & ( left eyelid) suffering
Below the right eye- honor.
Beneath the left eye -unnecessary expenses.
Cheecks-welfare to wife
Nose- Gain of fragnant goods
Mouth - auspicious
Tongue - quarrels
Lips –meeting with desired person
Shoulders -dispute
Foot-Good(Right), journey(Left)
Knee-treaty with enemy
Thumb-good news(Right) ,loss(Left).

Dwipushkar and Tripushkar Yoga in Astrology

The yoga means “to add”. On taking account of Tithi, Vaar & Nakshatra we can have 2 yogas namely Dwipushkar Yoga and tri Pushkar Yoga. As the name signifies in Dwipushkar if event performs then it repeat again for the second time. Similarly in tripushkar Yoga the event repeat again twice. Hence good events should happen in this yoga such as purchase of property etc. and Other events such as diseases should not happen.
For Dwi-Pushkar Yoga the combinations are
2/7/12 & Sunday/ Tuesday/ Saturday and Dhanistha/Chitra/ Mrgashiras Nakshatra
For Tripushkar Yoga the combinations are
2/7/12 & Sunday/ Tuesday/ Saturday and Krittika/Punarvasu/ Uttaraphagulni/ Vishaka/ Uttarashadha, Uttarabhadrapada
Since in modern society the marriages are performed generally in weekends so it is likely possibility that you may may fell into the trap of above combination easily.

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Lucky Place-III


In the folowing table select the category of which a person belongs to by his first alphabet of his hindi name. This is called Varga of person. Look at the Varga Lord


Now from the first alphabet of the name of city or any place find out the caegory which it belongs to. This is called Varga of place. Look at the varga lord.


If both are from the same varga then this is the best because in that case varga lord will be same.If they are opposite as per the diagram then this is the worst. In otherwords every varga is opposite to its 5th varga.Other vargas are neutral

Thumb Rule

Every group is enimical to its 5th group

Lucky Place-II

This is second method to choose lucky place for a native. It is called Kakni Sankhya Vidhi
In the folowing table select the category of which a person belongs to by his first alphabet of his hindi name. This is called Varga Sankhya(also called varga digit) of person.
Now from the first alphabet of the name of city or any place find out the category which it belongs to. This is called Varga Sankhya of place
Now to calculate Kakni Sankhya(also called Kakni digit) of person first multiply the Varga sankhya of native by 2 . Then add the varga sankhya of place. Now divide the answer by 8 and find out the remainder. Please note that if remainder is zero then make it 8. This remainder is called kakni sankhya of person.
Now to calculate Kakni Sankhya of Place first multiply the Varga sankhya of place by 2 . Then add the varga sankhya of person. Now divide the answer by 8 and find out the remainder. Please not that if remainder is zero then make it 8. This remainder is called kakni sankhya of place.
If the Kakni sankhya of place is less than the kakni sankhya of Person then the place is auspicious for a person.If the Kakni sankhya of place is less than the less sankhya of Person then the place is inauspicious for a person.If the Kakni sankhya of place is same than the kakni sankhya of Person then the place is neutral for a person
The Name of a person is Sumit.The place he want to move is Australia.From the table the Varga Sankhya of Sumit is 8.
From the table the Varga Sankhya of Australia is 1.
Kakni Sankhya of Sumit is 8x2+1/8=1(Remainder).
Kakni Sankhya of Australia is 1x2+8/8=2(Remainder)
Now Kakni Sankhya of Australia is more than the Kakni Sankhya of Sumit.
Therefore that country may not be best for him.
Similarly we can do the same excercise with respect to cities of australia like Sydney, Melbourne etc.

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Lucky Place-I

At the time of creation of Universe it was the sound which was creates first. Every alphabet carries its own energy. That's why people with similar name posses some common character. Its the synchronization of the names that decide the compatibility. Our Sages developed highly scientific techniques ages ago. This technique is based on synchronization of first alphabet of a person with the first alphabet of name of city.

Step-1 (Selection of the first alphabet of name of a person)One should know its moon sign at birth. Because it decide the first alphabet of name of person. If the name of person is strictly according to its birth sign then refer the following table. Other wise if a person do not know its moon sign then the name by which he is known to the world should be used. Lastly if a person is called by more than one name then the name by which he is woke up should be used.

Example :- If a person do not know it birth sign and his name is Jitender. Then he belongs to category no 10
Step-2 Mark the category of the place for which the compatibility has to be seen.Suppose that person Jitender want to settle in China. Then the first alphabet of country will belong to category 12
Step-3 Count the difference.Now ,Count from category of the person to which he belong till the category of a place.The result will decide the auspiciousness of a particular place for that person. Note that counting has to begin from the category of person and ends at the category of place
Result Interpretation
If the result comes out to be 2,5,9,10 or 11 then it indicates that a place is Auspicious.
If it is 1 or 7 then it indicate fear from enemies. In case it is 4,8 or 12, then it shows health problems. If it is 3 or 6, it shows financial Losses.
In our example the person belongs the native belongs to category 10 and place belongs to category 12. If we begin the counting from 10 till 12 we get the result 3. The interpretation is that China is not good place for Jitender as far as financial growth is concern
Special Note-This technique has to be used when the person has to select a new place or town only. Also if a the result is not auspicious from the first comparison then try to do the same excercise with respect to other areas with in country or in town. Example for Jitender, China may not be suitable but he can select the State with in China whose name begin with letter " G". From the table it can be easily seen that this category is second to the catagory number 10.

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Saat Phere

Now a days it is a fashion in modern society for a person to be late. Same is the case in marriages also. Parents applies tremendous efforts on match making of horoscopes but rarely found interested in the muhurat of marriage, which holds the ultimate key. At the time of marriage , the most important ceremony is “SaptaPadi” which means seven steps. In this ceremony, the bride and groom take seven round around the pavitra agni. Even as per Hindu marriage act it is the saptapadi ceremony which grants legality to a marriage. This ceremony begins from the direction of Dhruv Tara(the Pole Star). Every round starts with the right foot first. In the first 4 rounds the groom leads the bride and in the last 3 rounds bride leads. With each step, groom recites a mantra addressed to bride. The idea behind this is to pray to Lord Vishnu, the protector of life, for his blessings in marital life. Following prayer is done in each round
1) For plentiful of pure food
2) For good physical and mental health
3) For spiritual strength
4) For happiness and harmony
5) For begetting noble children
6) For all seasons to be beneficial
7) For the understanding, loyalty and peace and fulfilling religious duties
So, it is very important that in marriage, the saptapadi should be performed with utmost care in proper muhurat .

Tarot-The divination Cards

Tarot cards are the fortune telling cards having divination meaning.In other words it is something about an attempt to know the signals of nature.Every card has its own hidden meaning and its meaning changes with every new sequence.Our subconscious mind is like a chip which has all the information about the upcoming events. A tarot reading is simply the decoding the message of subconscious mind.There are many theories about its origin which is debatable.A deck of Tarot cards consist of 78 cards in total. Each card has a different picture.In the total of 78 cards there are 22 important cards called “ Major Arcana”. The rest 56 cards are minor cards called “ Minor Arcana”.The Minor Arcana cards can be further classified as a set of 4 suits of 14 cards each. Each suit of 14 cards consist of 1 to 10 number cards and 4 court cards.If in a reading the occurance of major cards are more then it is believ that destiny is controlling predominantly. On the other hand if minor cards are more in number in a reading then one assume that destiny is in your hand. The sequence of each card is so important that the whole meaning get reversed by mere changing the sequence irrespective of the fact that the same cards were drawn. Last but not least while shuffling the deck if a card fell from the hand then that card hold a special meaning in the interpretation. It should not be ignore.

Sunday, July 21, 2013

GandaMoola Dosha

The fear of Ganda-Moola or “Gandants” is highly prevalent in our society. At the time of birth pandits often terrorise the parents if a child born under certain nakshatra. It is important to understand the myth and reality first. The “Ganda “ means “Knot” and the “anta” means “end”. The Zodiac or the path of moon is divided into 12 raashis or in 27 nakshatras. So, it is the junction point in the zodiac which can be found at three places.
Interestingly the nature of each sign repeats after every 4 signs. For Example Aries is first sign. It is of firey nature.The sequence is as follows-
Aries,Leo,Sagittarius- Firey
We all know that fire and water are enimical.The border between Aries-Pisces,Cancer-Leo and Scorpio-Saggitarius act like danger mark or in otherway it is like a “knot” or “point of junction”. That is why when moon is about to cross the dividing line or has just cross it then it is considered as a warning signal. It is believe that a person born under this situation suffers numerous miseries in life. Since each raashi can be sub divided into nakshatras, so the nakshatras falling at the beginning of Aries/Leo/Saggitarius i.e. Aswini, Magha and Moola and the nakshatras falling at the end of Cancer/Scorpio/Pisces i.e. Ashlesha, Jyeshtha and Revati can be trouble causing. But this rule is too general and the pandits make full use of it as a weapon to terrorise the parents of a new born. Since the nakshatra can be further subdivided into 4 padas therefore 4th pada of Revati, Ashlesha, Jyestha and the 1st pada of Ashwini, Magha and Moola should be put into scanner. The first three Ghatis(1 ghati=24 mints) of Ashwini, magha & moola nakshatras and the last five Ghatis before the end of the ashlesha, jyeshtha & revati are important.
1.First If birth is in the daytime, it is called Pitri (father) Gandanta while a night birth during Gandanta is called Matri (mother) Gandanta.
2. The second view is if birth in Revati – Aswini junction is called Swa (self) –Gandanta, if birth in Ashlesha – Magha junction is called Matri (mother) Gandanta and if birth in Jyestha – Moola junction is called Pitri (father) Gandanta.
3. Consideration of Moola-Nivasa (Residence of Moola)
a) In months of Margasirsa, Phalgun, Vaisakha and Jyestha the residence of Moola is in “Patala Loka”
b) In Sravana, Kartika, Chaitra and Pausa the residence of Moola is in Martyu Loka
c) In months of Ashada, Aswina, Bhadra and Magha, the residence of Moola is in Swarga Loka
If birth is in Gandanta and the residence of Moola is in the Martyu Loka then great evil is indicated. The evil is lesser for the other Loka. Also Movable, Fixed and Dual signs as the (Lagna) are said to give Moola residence of Swarga, Patala and Martyu loka respectively.
4. The number of the Janma Nakshtra is multiplied by three (3). The numbers of birth tithi as recknoed from Sukla Paksha prati pada and the day of birth (as reckoned from Sunday) are added and the sum is divided by eight (8). The remainder indicates the Ganda Dosh (Error/Evil). Following are the effect if the remainder is
Complete destruction
Loss of wealth
danger to mother
Loss of physical power
Destruction in maternal relations
Destructions to Co borns
Loss to Father
Complete loss
As per traditions various remedies and rituals has to be performed in case of gandamooldosha. But the above negative effects will accrue only when other supporting yogas are present in the chart. Birth on Abhijit muhurat counters the evill effects as per Sage Vashistha. Also, moon in own vargas and aspected by benefics can ward off the ill effects. So, no need to fear when remedies are here!!!

Effect of a Planetary Ingress

When a planet move from one raashi to another, then it is called “ Ingress”. Whenever this happen, it indicate some significant changes in our lives. Now the question is how to judge?
Step -1 Note the Janam Raashi of Jatak
Step- 2 Now note the current raashi position of the moon when any planet changes the sign
Step- 3 Now Count from the Janam Raashi to the current raashi position which we obtain from step-2
Step-4 If the number comes to be
1,6,11 then the planet which changes the sign will give best result.
2,5,9 then the planet which changes the sign will give good result.
3,7,10 then planet which change the sign will give average result.
4,8,12 then planet which change the sign will give bad result.
For Example
Let’s consider a Jatak whose Janam Raashi is Taurus. Recently the planet Jupiter changes the sign from Scorpio to Saggitarius on 22 Nov 2007.At that time of change moon was in Pisces. So current position of moon is Pisces.
Now begin the counting from Taurus to Pisces. We get 11
From the above table it shows the result will be very good.

Friday, July 12, 2013

Combust Planets

In astrology when a planet comes in the orb of sun then it is considered as combust or asta. In predictive astrology the the significations of the house which is ruled by the combust planet looses. Now the 2 planets mercury and venus remain close to the sun.
They are called inner planet as their path of revolution around the sun is between earth and sun.Their frequency of getting combust in a year is very high. Now here the confusion arises. Every astrologer uses own discretion while drawing results. Some totally ignore the combustion of inner planet and take account of only outer planet. Before making any final conclusion it is very important to understand the concept of eclipse first. For example in solar eclipse the moon comes between Sun and earth making the sun to set. Now apply the same method with mercury. There are two possibility during the revolution of mercury around the sun.i.e.
1) Mercury comes between sun and earth(called inferior conjunction)
2) Sun come between mercury and earth(called superior conjunction)
Inferior conjunction is possible only with Venus and Mercury. It happen when they are retrograde(or Vakri).In case I it is the sun which is the sufferer. In case II it is the mercury which will at the reciving end. So one should analyse the chart in a rational manner , rather than applying the old rules blindly.

Graphology - A handy tool of divination

When a person learns any new word he remembers only if it is recorded by the subconscious mind. So while writing , it is our subconscious mind which regulates it. Almost every science of prediction believes that in our subconscious mind holds the key information regarding all the traits of personality and future events . It is just like the Central processing unit of computer. So handwriting is just like a monitor of the brain. It fluctuates with the psychological condition of person. Analysis of handwriting helps in evaluation of human personality so that one can channelize the energy accordingly. “Graphology” is a study of handwriting. It reveals all the aspects of human psychology i.e personality,emotions and its intellect. Graphology detect the inner traits of a person as they are expressed in the formation of letters,spacing,slant etc. As far its application is concern, there are vast numbers of field. It guides to judge the right person for the right post in business. To judge the marital compatibility it gives fair idea about the likings and dislikings of each person. Even today the brain is the area which is far beyond the reach of medical science. So if proper research on graphology is done then it may prove handy for the medical practitioners. Even today “Graphotherepy” is used in which a lot of focus is given on handwriting with a purpose of changing the personality traits of a person. In the field of spirituality it is used as a divination tool.

Meaning of Vaastu

Human beings are the most advanced creation of nature on earth. All the socio-economic activities trigger from the home and terminate at the same. This requirement of a comfortable dwelling place, known as "house", along with other requirements of life was very well identified by our Sages long back. The hindu philosophy believes in benefits to mankind in most easily and quick manner. Our sages mentioned all the activites performed and the things required by human beings from birth to death in Vedas.Our sacred Vedas are the oldest literature on the earth. There is a mention of vaastu in Vedas. As per dictionary, the word “vaastu” means “to reside” and the word “shaastra” means “study”. In ancient times 64 vidyas were taught to student, in which vaastu shaastra was one amongst them. In borader sense Vaastu shastra is an ancient mystic science which deals in designing and construction of buildings .In other words it is an architectural science which harness the positive energies of nature to make the living place auspicious and prosperous for the inhabitants. It is based upon principles of balancing the elements of nature. Any imbalance between them brings disharmony for the inhabitants. It is proved in science that every single unit in the universe affects each other. Since all creations are done on earth, therefore one should take into account of effect of earth on human. In vaastu shaastra emphasise is given on study of earth and its environment on human beings because there is a correlation and a complex pattern relating to human behaviour and built environment around him due to various unseen forces affect human body vertically, horizontally, diagonally and perpendicularly. Vaastu shaastra blends all the aspects of art, science &  astrology for making the earth better place to live

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Astrology and Sports!

In astrology there are various hidden rules which are yet to be tested and analysed in a prudent way in the modern context. During my Banaras visit I was searching for some books on astrology. I found an intresting material on “chakras”.The “chakras” is the nakshatra based system of prediction. I always found “Chakras” are the most mysterious and challenging . This is the reason I decided to do research on it. During world cup hockey 2010, I got a call from one person(who was also a well known astrologer) ,asked for the prediction of the outcome of the semi final match between Australia and Netherlands since he was banking upon Netherlands to win the match(even the media was favouring Netherlands). But I was not agreed with him. I am presenting excerpt (only a part is published here)of my research work. I took account of Rahu , the sun and the moon. It is important to note that 13 nakshatras which are yet to be traveled by Rahu is called “Mrit Paksha”(considered inauspicious) and the remaining 13 are called “Jeeva Paksha”(considered auspicious). In the analysis Moon is called “The attacker” and the sun is called “ the attacked”. Now it is the position of sun and moon during the match decides the outcome. If the moon is in Jeeva paksha then the attacker wins and if the sun is in the Jeeva Paksha then the defender wins.
Interpretation of Result
1)If Moon’s nakshatra is between 2nd and 14th from the Rahu’s nakshatra then the Attacker wins
2) If Sun’s nakshatra is between 2nd and 14th from the Rahu’s nakshatra then the defender wins.
3) If Moon’s nakshatra and Sun’s nakshatra is between 2nd and 14th from the Rahu’s nakshatra then the both wins.
4) The nakshatra from the 16th to 28th (including Abhijit) is the indicator of loss.
5) The 15th nakshatra from the rahu’s is the neutral point.
Example- If rahu is transiting in Rohini nakshatra and Moon is in Mrigshira and Sun is in Ashiwini nakshatra , then the team that begins the attack will win. In vice versa case, where Moon is in Ashwini nakshatra and Sun is in Mrigshira nakshatra then the team that begin attack will loose because at that time the sun is transiting in Jeev Paksha making the attacked party stronger.

Friday, June 28, 2013

Til Vichaar

Our sages has mention some methods of prediction on the basis of physical features of a human being. Study of moles is one amongst them. This art of reading moles is called Moleosophy Medically moles are overgrowths of the skin's pigment cells. Almost all of us have them. Moles are not normally present at birth but appear in childhood and early teenage years.. How to interpret moles for divination is depend upon 3 parameter i.e..Shape, color & placement
Parameter 1 :- Shape can be Round, Oval, Angular. Except angular both are good
Parameter 2 :- Light colored moles and birthmarks have positive significance; darker the
color- the more strength in its influence for misfortune.
Parameter 3 :- Position. Moles present on the left parts of the females while the moles present on the right side of the males generally give auspicious results. This is a general rule. Now, a mole on the left side of the forehead Indicate difficulties while one on the right side of the forehead gives success. A mole on the chin presents is auspicious. A mole near the eyebrow makes the man a continuous traveler. A mole on the eye enhances beauty if one has a mole on the right eye that man is a strong lover of women and if the mole is on the left eye that man will face problems from women .A mole on the right cheek is auspicious .A person having mole on the left cheek have a good spouse .A person with a mole on the lips will have a tendency of enjoying pleasures and greedy. A person with a mole on the ear will accomplish perfection in almost every field . A mole on either ear tells that the person has a reckless disposition. A Mole on the neck makes the people passive .A person with a mole on the throat is serving in nature. On ankles it is a sign of traveling worries where as in case of females it shows courage. A person having mole on the back one should be beware of hidden matters. If a mole is found on fingers then a person is perfect lier. A mole on the breast is indicative of laziness, which may affect family life. People who possess a mole on their heel make enemies easily and are prone to losing friends. If you have a mole on right knee, it implies that you are a friendly person. A mole on left knee signifies that these people lead an extravagant lifestyle. People who have moles on elbow love to travel. They are adventurous and spirited. If the mole is located on the outer corner of the eye, this indicates that the person is honest, reliable and frank. Moles on arms indicate that the person is polite, diligent and will lead a happy married life. If mole is near the elbow, the man will need to struggle in life,. If the woman has the same characteristics, however, her problems relate to her occupation. The above observations if used intelligently, then it can give fair amount of judgment of people’s life. In the subsequent articles I will try to discuss in detail about the presence of mole in each region which can alter the above result.

Friday, June 14, 2013

Bhakuta Dosham

At the time of marriage the guna matching is widely prevalent in Indian society. Some persons believes said that if the score of guna is above average that is 18 out of maximum 36 then it is considered as a green signal from the pandit. But the confusion is created at the time when good match has to be ignored despite having a good score in guna match. Of the many reason some times the culprit becomes the “Bhakuta Dosha”. Now the question is what is the Bhakuta dosha? Is there any exception to this rule?
The “Bhakuta Dosha” carries maximum 7 points. One can score either 7 or 0. The term “Bhakuta” means “Group of raashis”. Here it is attempt to consider the relative Janam Raashis of female and male. If on counting, the relative position of raashi is
1)2nd or 12th
2)5th or 9th
3)6th or 8th
then it is considered to be malefic and no point is given.
Exceptions to Rule -1
Case-1 If the female’s raashi is 2nd from the male’s then it is malefic. But in vice versa it is not.
For example- let’s assume that female’s raashi is Cancer and Male’s raashi is Leo. Though they are in 2/12 position from each other but the girl’s raashi is in 12th rather than 2nd therefore this Dosha will not be considered.
Case-II If the raashi lord’s are friend then this dosha will not be considered.
For example-Scorpio and Saggitarius. Though they are in 2/12 position but their lords are mutual friends.
Exception to Rule-2
If the female’s raashi is 5th from male’s raashi it is considered as more malefic than vice versa
Exceptions to Rule-3
If the raashi lords are friends then this dosha will loose it maleficiency
For example- Aries-Scorpio,Gemini-Capricorn,Leo-Pisces, Libra-Taurus,Saggitarius-Cancer
So, exceptions are always there. Ask your pandit today if he is becoming villain between the marriage on the ground of “Bhakuta dosha” only.

Friday, May 31, 2013

Shubh Vela

In muhurat, the attempt is made to select the best part of the day. Specially on Diwali night this method is taken into account for performing the pooja in auspicious time. This method of calculating the best time is called “Choghadia muhurat” . Choghadia is a name given to a particular segment of a day.There are 7 types of Choghadia called amrut,shubh,labh,chal,udveg,rog & kal.To select the best part of the time during day , divide the period from sunrise to sunset into 8 parts called Choghadia. Thus, in each period any one of the seven different types of Choghadias will occur twice. Similarly we can do the same procedure for night time also.The sequence of daytime and night-time Choghadias varies for each day. However, for each day, the sequence is the same.
Sunrise at 6:30 am
Sunset at 5:30 pm
Length of the day=5.30-6.30=11 hrs=660 mints
Each Choghadia=660/8=82.5 mints=1hr &22.5 mints
Amrut, Shubh and Labh are favorable choghadias.
Chal is an intermediate choghadia.
Udveg, Rog and Kal are unfavorable choghadias.
The sequence of choghadiyas for each day is as follows.

Day Time-

Night Time-

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Greh Pravesh

Generally due to modern lifestyle the people living in a city get time to celebrate only on weekends. But from vaastu point of view the Saturday and Sunday is worst day to enter a new house.Apart from them Tuesday is also prohibited. It is believe that “Greh Pravesh” on Saturday results in fear from thieves, and on Sunday and Tuesday leads to dangers from fire. Second consideration is the tithi( lunar date).4,9,14 are called Rikta tithi. Rikta means empty. Therefore these dates are avoided. Other dates can be considered according to position of door as follows
For East facing door-5,10 ,Poornima is auspicious
For South facing door-1,6,11 is auspicious
For West facing door-2,7,12 is auspicious
For North facing door-3,8,13 is auspicious
Third consideration is Month.
The best months are Magha,Fagun,Vaishakh,Jyestha
The second best months are Kartik,Margashish
The worst are Chaitra,Aashad,Bhadrapad,Ashwin and Paush
So next time you enter a new house make sure that you have ample time to take into account the above considerations.

Friday, May 24, 2013

The Dangerous Date

he word “tithi” means date in Hindi. It is formed on the basis of relative distance between sun and moon. In a lunar month there are 30 tithis. The first 15 tithis make up the Shukal Paksha(Bright Half). The next 15 tithi together form Krishna Paksha(Dark half). The 15th tithi of Shukla Paksha is called Poornima because at this time the moon is at maximum distance from the sun. The 15th tithi of Krishna Paksha is called amavasya. Here the moon is closest to the sun. The moon starts loosing its energy after beginning of Krishna Paksha. That is why the Krishna Paksha is not considered auspicious generally. The real trouble begins from the 14th tithi i.e. Chaturdashi of Krishna Paksha.At this time moon is almost approaching towards zero energy.According to our sages birth of a child during this period as very inauspicious. For the sake of calculation. Divide the span of chaturdashi in 6 parts. Each part is called Shashthyansha(the 1/6th part). Following is the effect that can happen if a person born in particular division

First –Auspicious

Second- Problem to father

Third-Problem to mother

Fourth-Problem to Maternal Uncle

Fifth-Loss of next generation

Sixth-Loss of Family

It is crucial to take immediate remedial measures to escape these evil effects.

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Akshay Tritya

Akshaya Tritiya is a day of utmost importance in vedic calendar. The word tritiya means third. This day falls on the third day of the bright half of Vaishakh month (April-May),i.e. Vaishakh shukla tritiya. At this moment of time during the year, the sun and moon are very near to their maximum strength. The word, "Akshaya" means one that never diminishes. Hence, starting a new activity or buying valuables on this day is considered to certainly bring luck and success. All the charity and donations done on this day yield the punyas which never exhausts. If this date coincides with Rohini nakshatra then it is considered more auspicious. As per hindu mythology it is believe that on this day the “The satya yuga” began.Akshaya Tritiya is traditionally observed as the birthday of Lord Parusurama who was the sixth incarnation of Lord Vishnu.
Lord Kubera, considered to be the lord of wealth, is one amongst the eight directional lord. Some classics says that Lord Kubera himself pray to Goddess Lakshmi on this day. According to the Vedas, it was on the day of Akshay Tritiiya that Veda Vyasa along with Lord Ganesha started writing the epic, Mahabharata. Vedas say that knowledge gained or charity done on this day is very fruitful.It was today when Lord Krishna proved his true friendship with Sudaama at Dwarka.As per another legend, Pandavas received the AkshayPaatra from Lord Krishna on this day. In eastern parts of india, on the day of the Akshay Tritiiya, "HalKhata" or ceremony to start the new audit book is performed - with the worship of Lord Ganesha & Godess Lakshmi. In another intresting legend this day is also most auspicious day for the farming community. It is known as "Akha Teej". Early morning, a male member of family goes to field. All the animals and birds encountered on the way to the field indicates omen. Then predictions are made for rains and crops on the basis of omen. For the believers in astrology this day is considered as “unboojha muhurat” which means that no need to check the auspiciousness of the day by performing complex astrological calculations.

Monday, April 29, 2013

Disha Shool

Now a day the traveling becomes indispensable part of our life. Previously the person who enjoys all the comforts at home was considered as the having the best Raj-Yoga. But in new context traveling takes the shape of industry. In our classics some days are considered as inauspicious to travel in particular direction. They term it as Disha-Shool. Disha means direction and shool means thorn. The position of thorn varies according to the day as follows.

Monday --- thorn lies in East

Tuesday --- thorn lies in North.

Wednesday ---thorn lies in North.

Thursday ---thorn lies in South

Friday ---thorn lies in West

Saturday ---thorn lies in East

Sunday --- thorn lies in West

One should avoid the direction of journey where the thorn exists on a particular day.

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Tara Chakra

n astrology, a very special place is allotted to planet Moon. A strong moon is capable of removing many doshas single handedly. Now the question is how to judge the strength of moon? For this we use the Tara Bal. The word “Tara” means star and the “Bal” means strength. This give fair idea that which “Nakshatra” is good or bad for a native. If Tara is favourable then it gives strength to Moon. As a result strong moon gives strength to Sun & strong sun gives strength to all planets in horoscope. The strong moon triggers the source of strength of all planets.
Step -1
Note down your Nakshatra Number and treat it as a Starting point or allot the number 1 to it. This will be your Janam Nakshatra.. For Example A native born in Swati Nakshatra, then “Swati” will be his Janam Nakshatra
Begin the counting from your “Janam Nakshatra” and name the following nakshatras sequentially as follows Janam(Already stated in step1),Sampat,Vipat,Kshema,Pratyari,Sadhak,Vadha,Mitra,Adhi-Mitra.Since we have 27 nakshatras in all, therefore after allotting 9 types of names to them we will have 9 groups of 3 nakshatra each.
In an above example the naming will be as follows
Janam(Already stated in step1) – Swati, Shatbhisha, Ardra,
 Sampat-Vishakha,Porva Bhadrapad,Punarvasu
Vipat- Anuradha,U Bhadrapad,Pushya
Kshema- Jyestha,Revati,Ashlesha,
Pratyari- Moola ,Ashwini,Magha.
Sadhak- Porva. Ashada,Bharini,Porva Phaguni,
Vadha- U. Ashada ,Kritika,UPhaguni,
Mitra- Shravana ,Rohini,Hasta,
Adhi-Mitra- Dhanishtha,Mrigshira,Chitra


1.From the Janam Nakshatra, the 3rd, 5th and 7th nakshatra is bad. So Vipat,Pratyari and Vadha are bad
2. 2nd,4th, 6th and 8th are best
3. 1st(Janam) and 9th are medium
In a following chart the dasha of saturn was not good because it is in U.Ashada nakshatra which is 7th from his janam nakshatra


For Vipat tara- donate salt of 3 tolas(1 tola = 12g approx),raw sugar

For Pratyari tara-donate salt of 5 tola

For Vadha tara-donate salt of 7 tola,Gold,Til

For Janam Tara-donate vegetables

Vish Kanya

Position of moon in horoscope is a key. It's position can make a big difference in predicition. Eeven at the time of match making, the analysis is based on the position of moon. In our classics some yoga has been mentioned which are highly misfortunate.These are called "Vish Kanya Yoga". The word "vish" is called poison and "Kanya" means girl. Even the male born under such combinations has the same effect.
The nakshatras Ashlesha, Vishakha, Jyeshta, and Moola. are trouble causing.
a)One born under Ashlesha first quarter brings death to one's mother-in-law.
b)Those born under Vishakha last quarter could cause death to married partner's younger brother.
c)If born under Jyeshta first quarter, there is danger to partner's elder brother.
d)Those born under Moola first quarter may indicate early death of father-in-law.
The above effects are too general.One parameter can not result in formation of yoga. There must be some supportive combination
1)The birth on the 12th Tithi, Shatabhisha nakshatra and on a Sunday.
2)Birth on Tuesday when the Tithi is 7th and the nakshatra happens to be Vishakha.
3)The 2nd Tithi on a Saturday when the Moon is in Ashlesha.
4)Birth on Sunday when the Moon is in Bharani nakshatra.
5)Birth on Monday with the Moon in Chitra.
6)On Tuesday, Moola nakshatra.
7)Combination of Wednesday and Dhanishta.
8)Combination of Thursday and Jyeshta.
9)Combination Friday and Purvashada.
10)Combination Saturday and Revati.
The above combination needs micro analysis.But in modern times it is often seen that the boy and girls matches their charts own with the help of computer on guna basis only which is very risky

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Ghar ki Income

It is not only the human being earns the income; one can measure the income of house also. Here the word income is not used in quantitative terms but use as a qualitative aspect. The following formula gives the fair idea whether the plot will fetch benefits to owner or not.
Step1 – Find the area of house. A= LxB
Step2- Multiply it by 9 & Divide the product by 8
Step3- Consider the remainder. It will range between 1 and 8. If the remainder is zero then treat it as 9
Step4-Now there are 8 types of Income name as Dhwaja, Dhumra, Lion, Dog, Bull, Donkey, Elephant, Camel.
Step5-Their effect are as follows
1 Dhwaja-Progress
2 Dhumra-Regrets
3 Lion-Victory
4 Dog-Enemies will increase
5 Bull-Gain in wealth
6 Donkey-Gives Poverty
7 Elephant-Happiness
8 Camel-Disease
So, it means if the remainder is odd then it is auspicious. Hope your income of house belongs to Dhwaja category. The word Dhwaja means flag. All odd numbers produce results good for construction of a house. All even numbers yield bad results.

Friday, April 19, 2013

Happy Vacations

It is the dream of every family to spend the vacations to some luxurious places or hill stations. But rarely one pay attention towards going to sacred places called Teeraths of India. Soul of India resides in teeraths. Hindu philosophy is based upon rebirth. Only in India it is possible get clear the debt of past life bad karmas because it is “Karma-bhoomi”. Visiting to teeraths is one of the way to accumulate “Punyas”(पुण्य ). Generally people visit these places once they get old or abandoned by their children. Parents sacrifice their every single comfort to their children. But this does not help them in any ways because children hardly left with the memory of childhood once they grow adult. Every year I always take my children to religious as well as adventurous trip to maintain the balance . I believe that the Punyas earned by the children in their childhood will help them in their old age. Eventhough they forgot the memories of trip still the punyas earned by them will act as a guardian in the future life. All the things we suffer in this life is due to bad past life karmas. If we have good balance of punyas then it surly helps to combat with miseries. The same ways good deeds performed at teeraths has multifold effect. Utmost care has to be taken while behaving in teeraths. Secondly, In Jyotish 5th house indicates children as well throws lot of information on past life where as 9th house denotes religion as well as father. So when parents visits teerath along with kids then it is like giving vital energies to 5th as well as 9th house of horoscope of each other.

Recovery Time

In Kaliyuga the maximum age allotted to human being is 120 years. But as we are moving ahead in Kaliyuga despite having money and technology we are unable to combat 100 % successfully against the diseases. In Jyotish there are some section in our classics which are taught as medical astrology in various schools of astrology. One can predict the recovery time of the disease with the help of astrological principals

If the disease starts at the following Nakshatra    Recovery time
1.Moola,Kritka,Ashwini                                                09 days
2.Magha                                                                      20 days
3.Vishakha,Hasta,Dhanishta                                         15 days
4.Bharini,Shravna,Shatbhisha,Chitra                            11 days
5.U.Phaguni,U.Bhadrapad,,Pushya,Punarvasu,Rohini     07 days
6.Mrigshira,U.Ashada                                                    30 days
7.Revati,Anuradha                                                  Delayed recovery
8.Swati,Jyeshtha,3-Poorva,Ardra,Ashlesha                 No Recovery
The bottom group is highly dangerous.If a person falling ill on Tuesday,Sunday or Saturday coinciding with nakshatra belongs to last group with rikta tithes(4/9/14) then disease may be highly troublesome

Jeevan Rekha

In palmistry the life line is termed as “ Jeevan Rekha”. Now is it true that it represent the span of life of a person? Recently I examine a hand of a person who is above 75 years of age but have a very short life line. It is better to call it as a line of vitality. It depicts the level of energy. Before making any conclusion it is very important to analyze the formation of line. Some times a short life line is well supported by Fate line. In that case the whole focus of analysis shift. This type of formation indicate positive change in life, settling abroad or marriage with outside community. If other warning signals are absent then present of supporting line with a life line indicate partner with soulmate. Life line act as a balance between physical and mental energy. The shorter the life line making the mental energy available in abundance. Generally during the course the life line covers the mount of Venus. Planet Venus is indicator of marital happiness. Just like match making in astrology, matching of hands are done in palmistry. A short life line with other negative signal may be warning signal as far as growth of family is concern. So it all depends upon totality. One single criteria can not give result.

Magic of 108

Zodiac is a path on which the planets travel. Entire path is divided into 27 nakshatras. Each having 4 padas. Our sages multiplied this number of nakshatras (27) by four and fixed the resultant number (108) as the required number of beads in a rosary. In astrology 1 day and 1 night together makes 1 ahoratra. A human being breathes 21600 times in an Ahoratra. Classics advice that a person tells a rosary with 108 beads at least once in a day simultaneously chanting the Lord's name, all the breaths find a purpose. If rosary is told with proper rituals, it yields hundred times more benefits. By proper rituals, it means telling of rosary at least 100 times a day. Thus it equals (108 x 100) to 10800 i.e. equal to half the number of breaths during an Ahoratra which is requirement number for human to devote his breaths in god’s name. Another view is that in Sanskrit, the language of God has 54 letters. Each has masculine and feminine, Shiva and shakti. 54 times 2 is 108.It is believe that the human soul goes through 108 stages on the journey to God. In Ayurveda there are a 108 marmas in the body. They are points that can heal or kill a living being. When we say 108 mantras it acts as a Kavach (protection) to each point. If we add the number we get the total of 9.Nine is sometimes connected to Ketu, the moksa Karaka (significator of liberation), the planet that brings higher awareness, expanded vision and moksha (liberation). In the Durga Saptasati, the goddess Durga has nine forms known as the Navadurga. The number 9 is connected to the goddess Durga.In Hindu jyotish it is godess Durga who guards the prana of the body.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Chosing a Gemstone

Gemstones are use widely in astrology as a remedy.But the real question is which gem to chose.For that it is very important to judge the horoscope of native.Here lagna plays a very important role. The ruling planet of lagna and lords of Trikonas qualify at the first sight. But there is catch here that if that planet is in bad house and deblitated then it will be disqualified.Gemstones of the 6th,8th and 12th houses be avoided if they do not own a trine.Also the gemstone of markesh planet should not be selected.If the dasha lord qualifies the above criteria then the gem of that planet hold the upper hand.Its very important that combinations of gemstones is strictly prohibited in case their lord are inimical to each other. It means before selection, the planet has to pass the 5 fold test in which its placement,sign,nature & lordship of 2 houses are at stake.So, to wear a gemstone one must consult astrologer.

Diamond is not for everyone!!

Recently I found an article in which just to promote the sales of Diamond one company advertise vigorously. But from astrological point of view this may not be correct. Gems are concentrated form of energy. Every planet in nav-grah is associated with particular gem stone. Diamond is associated with Venus. Venus is natural benefic planet. This is a general statement. At the same time Venus is not functional benefic for all the people. It means that role assigned to it is not for good. In simple words it may work as villain for a particular horoscope by becoming markesh,the killer plant or by becoming badhakesh, the planet causing obstacles.
For lagans like Aries,Leo,Pisces, Cancer, Scorpio, Saggitarius its highly dangerous to wear Diamond
For lagans like Taurus, Gemini ,Virgo,Libra,Capricorn,Aquarious its highly beneficial.
Above all its very important to check the placement of Venus in a sign & house, which can modify the above result to great extent. For that it’s important to consult astrologer.

Deadly Duo

In Astrology the 6th and 8th house are among the list of dusthan(Bad houses). That is why 6/8 relation is considered harmful and it is frequently used in dasha analysis.Planets placed in 6th or 8th from the planet of running dasha generally diminishes the good effect of dasha.Here the same rule is applied while judging the strength of a house where two planets of different nature are placed.
Place all the 9 planets in order as follows
The planet 6th from itself is the shatru graha(enemical)
We will have the following enemical combinations after applying step-2 in the step-1 list
If the lord,Karka doesnot support the bhava, then the above combination placed in any bhava will harm the signification of that bhava.

Sarpa Dosham


It is often seen than despite having good Dasha the good results does not accrue to the native.Before analysing the "Sarpa Dosham" it is necessary to identify the badhak planet.The word "Badhak" means obstruction. In horoscope there are certain position from a house which are called badhak sthan & it's lords are called Badhakesh

How to Determine
From the Movable sign the 11th house from it is called badhak sthan
From the Fix sign the 9th house from it is called badhak sthan
From the Dual sign the 7the house from it is called badhak sthan

Sarpa Dosha
In Astrology the plante Rahu represent the " Snake" or "Sarpa"
Rahu along with Badhakesh plays the major role in creating dosha in horoscope .
Any connection of Rahu with the Lord of badhak sthan is dangerous.
Even placement of Rahu in 6/8/badhak sthan creates dosha.
Jupiter the divine planet if at all get associiated with Badhakesh having rahu/gulika in trines created the same dosha.Sun- Rahu or Moon- Rahu Conjunction is also responsible for the above dosha

Donate small eggs of gold/copper if Rahu is in Dual Sign
Donate small eggs of silver/copper if Rahu is in movable Sign
Plant Trees if Rahu is in fix Sign

Mangal ya Amangal

The word " Mangal Dosha " is the word which get a lot of hype while matching a chart.A native is considered to be “Manglik” when Mars is placed in the first, second, fourth, seventh, eighth or twelfth house from the natal ascendant or Moon. Some modern astro-researchers even include these positions from Venus. If all those concepts are totally true then in this way more eighty (80%) percent of the human beings are Manglik. The said position of Mars in a horoscope does not make a native Manglik in case the Mars is a functional benefic for the natal chart. The natal charts where Mars becomes functional malefic i.e. Virgo, Scorpio and Taurus ascendant charts, it can generate the results of the so-called Manglik yoga if the association of Mars is close/exact to the middle point of the house and the lord of the house where Mars is posited, is weak. There is no exception to this combination. However, the close aspects of a efficient benefic Jupiter is capable of warding off the evils generated by Mars to a large extent.Apart from that there are other factors also like the rashi which is influenced by mars.It makes a lot of difference while judging the chart.In the case of a boy, the dosha is highest for the seventh house and in case of the girl the dosha is at the peak for the eighth house.In addition to Mars, the fire planets Ketu and Sun also should be considered in counting the number of dosha’s in a horoscope. . In addition to the fiery planets, there is another group, which are also Papa grahas (malefics). These are Saturn and Rahu. These planets placed in similar positions should be considered in counting dosha’s. However the property of the dosha given by these planets is different - usually they are seen to cause delays in getting married, difficult relationships, bitterness and general unhappiness. Thus Saturn/ Rahu dosha’s in one horoscope cannot be matched with Mars/ Ketu dosha’s in the other horoscope.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Marriage & Prosperity

In Modern time an astrolger has to undergo a stiff test while matching a horoscope. Apart from matching based on Ashta Koota Milaan there are other factors to be considered. One of the important factor the financial stability of a couple after marriage. It can be checked in the following way which is very interesting for any person who possess even little knowledge of astrology.

Step1 The rule is that count from the Nakshatra of the bride to that of the groom.
Step2 Multiply this number by 5 and divide the product by 7. The reminder is Vyaya or expenditure.
Step3 Now the counting is again made from the Janma Nakshatra of the groom and the same calculation is repeated, the reminder indicates “aya” or gain or income.

If the aya is greater than vyaya, marriage brings all round prosperity. If this is reverse, the couple will experience poverty.

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Mythology of eclipse

In Hindu mythology there is a wonderful story that describes how the gods and the demons once formed an alliance to produce a nectar that could give them immortality. This is the story of the churning of the milk-ocean and the descent of Lord Visnu as the Kurma avatara, the divine tortoise. When the nectar that was churned from this ocean was being served to the gods, a demon, disguised as a god, sat between the Sun and the Moon in an attempt to procure the nectar. When he was detected by the Sun and the Moon, Lord Visnu immediately severed his head from his body. Unfortunately, it was not fast enough, for the demon had already tasted a small quantity of the nectar and had become immortal. Ever since, this demon is said to wreak vengeance on the Sun and Moon whenever they come near. The head of this great demon is known as Rahu and his tail is known as Ketu.Since then Rahu and ketu promised that they will going to trouble sun and moon from time to time to take the revenge.In Hindu astrology Rahu and Ketu are known as two invisible planets. They are enemies of the Sun and the Moon, who at certain times of the year (during conjunction or opposition) swallow the Sun or the Moon causing either a solar or a lunar eclipse.

The Powerful suit- Spade

While reading divination playing crads for fortune telling when we came across the spades then it reflect the action packed impact on the person.These cards hold the power of transformation.Spades reflect areas where you are experiencing conflict . These cards are often seen in a negative light, but their purpose is to let you know when it's time to move on.Spades often relate to illness or health-related difficulties.Spades reflect your inability to let go, to see clearly, to share and cooperate with others, or to act in a direct manner. Too much spade energy suggests that you are in denial about some issue and refusing to make necessary changes in your life.
Element represent- Air
Key indication- warning

Vaastu Chakra

When a person moves to a new city for settlement, then to check its compatibility with new environment can be examined with a unique method called "Vaastu Chakra" provided by our sages.
Now Every nakshatra is associated with some hindi alphabet as follows

Step-1 Select the nakshatra number to which the first alphabet of a city belong
Step-2 Select the nakshatra number to which the first alphabet of a name of person belong
Step-3 Count from the nakshatra obtain from step-1 till the nakshatra obtain from step-2
Step-4 The following result is predicted If
The answer is 1/2/3/4/5 then it indicate Profit
The answer is 6/7/8 then it indicate Loss of wealth
The answer is 9/10/11/12/13 then it indicate gain of wealth
The answer is 14/15/16/17/18/19 then it indicate Profit
The answer is 20 then it indicate gain of property
The answer is 21/22/23/24 then it indicate fears
The answer is 25 then it indicate sorrow
The answer is 26 then it indicate loss of fortune
The answer is 27 then it indicate accidents

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Classification of Astrology

The Vedas which are the sacred Hindu scriptures, containing eternal knowledge. Astrology is as a branch of Vedas known as Vedanga with the help of which it is possible to know about all the past and future event. There are total 6 vedangs
1.Shiksha : This branch deals in study of technique of correct pronunciation of words
2.Chhanda : Deals in rhythm,pasue,stress feature of utterance of the Vedic 'Suktas'.
3.Vyakarana : Deals in grammatical aspects of the language.
4.Nirukta : Which explains the difficult words, 'padas' and 'mantras'.
5.Kalpa : Deals ritualistic aspects of the Vedas.
6.Jyotisha : It is one of the most important of the Vedangas.

Astrology is further subdivided into 3 parts-Siddhantas,Samhita,Hora.
Siddhantas deals in astrolonomical aspect of astrology. The great astrologer Varahmihir considers the following 5 in his book “Pancha Sidhantika”
(a) Surya Siddhanta
(b) Paulisha Siddhanta
(c) Romaka Siddhanta
(d) Vasishtha Siddhanta
(e) Paitamaha Siddhanta
Samhita deals in world event as well as meteorological predictions. The annual world predictions which are generally based either on Hindu New Year commencing on the Chaitra Shukla Pratipada, or on the solar Ingress into Mesha, fall under the Samhita astrology.
Hora deals in human horoscopy.It is related to individual. Electional astrology which is also called muhurat comes under this category.

The birth of Logic

The planet moon(Chandra) is considered very important in Indian system of astrology. This planet single handedly can create or destroy many Rajyogas in horoscope. Once he kidnapped the wife of devguru “Brihaspati(Jupiter)” called Tara. Despite intervention of Gods , Chandra was adamant and he did not release Tara. Eventually Lord Brahma came to rescue. With his request Chandra released Tara. But due to union between Chandra and Tara , a child named “Budha(mercury)” was produced. Since then Budh considerd Chandra as his enemy. This story is very important in understanding the relationship between Mind and logic because Chandra is representative of all the emotions i.e mind where mercury is representative of Logic. People having combinations of moon and mercury in their horoscope often found having flickering mind. The same concept can be applied in the world of spirituality. In other words, the Jupiter is the self of a person who is innocent, Moon is mind who is notorious where as Tara is material world. Every child is a innocent because he lives in self level. When he grows, his mind develops. His connection with self get disconnected. A new relation is established between his mind and the outer world(Like Tara and Moon in story). The depth of this relation produces awareness . With the birth of awareness(mercury), mind detatched from the world(sepration of Tara and Chandra). The reunion of Tara and Jupiter indicate the emergence of truth

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Kumbh Vivah

At the time of match making, the “maanglik dosham” act as a villain . Despite having good match from all the angles one has to discard the match just because of one fault. It is not necessary that only mangal dosham is the sole cause of marital separation between couple. Some times there are dreadful combinations of widowhood and widowerhood are present in the respective horoscopes of girl and boy which can backfire badly. In a male dominated Indian society a lot of questions are fired on girl’s horoscope. That is why parents are worried at the time of marriage of daughter. In hindu system of astrology there is a method of “kumbh Vivah” which has to be performed in case the girl’s horoscope qualifies for any problem to life of a partner. In this process a symbolic ceremony is performed between a girl and urn made up of clay. The moment the marriage ceremony is over the urn is crushed indicating that the girl become widow. After this ceremony the marriage between girl and boy is performed. The whole process is done with the mantras. In this special pooja the girl sit along with parents and she had to wear a red thread which is discarded at the end. This tradition has some variations where instead of clay pot, the marriage is performed with either peepal or banana tree.

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Tilak-The Mark of spirituality

Tilak is a kind of mark made on forehead. It is a symbol of auspiciousness.
As per Hinduism it is must for every Brahmin to have tilak on his forehead. Similarly for married women it is important to put a red dot (bindi) on her forehead as it is the indication of “Saubhagya”(Good Luck). People belonging to various school of thoughts wear different kind of Tilak. For Example , devotees of Lord Shiva put tripundra(3 horizontal lines ) on their forehead where as deciples of Lord Vishnu wear urdhavpundra(U shape mark). Generally sandalwood paste,sacred ash and red termuric powder is used as tilak. The place where it is applied on the forehead i.e. between eyebrows has “Agya-chakra” . This is a gateway to spirituality. Application of tilak is to activate this zone. Most of the religious ceremonies can not be performed without Tilak. The tilak mark act as connector between human and God. Even in the research it is found that a person who wears Tilak daily on his forehead rarely suffers from head diseases.One should use ring finger to apply tilak. Further, our shaastra says that there are 13 places in our body where one should apply tilak. There is a separate mantra for applying tilak on each part of the body.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Naag Devta

The “Panchmi tithi” of lunar calendar in the month of shravana shukla paksha is celebrated as “Naag-panchmai” in India. On this day people pray to snake god. As per legend the snakes also consumed the “Amrit”, the divine nector and attained immortality. They are the children of Sage Kashyapa and Kadru. The kingdom of snakes is “Paatal Lokam”.According to hindu mythology there are 9 snake which are worshipped. They are as follows
1) Vasuki(The snake who participated in the great churning of ocean)
2) Takshak(The powerful snake who killed King Parikshit)
3) Sesha (On which Lord Vishnu resides in vaikunth)
4) Ananta (the great devotee of Lord Vishnu)
5) Kailya (who was killed by lord Krishna and attain the moksham)
6) Padmanabha (the guardian snake)
7) Kambala (the powerful descend of snake kingdom)
8) Dhartarashtra(the powerful descend of snake kingdom)
9) Shankhapala(the powerful descend of snake kingdom)

The pooja is done to avoid snakes bites and get rid of their curse from previous birth. In a horoscope if there is a presence of Kaal-Sarpa Yoga, then this day is very important for that native because this dosha is caused by the Rahu and Ketu which are considered as head and tail of snake respectively. In certain cases these planets single handedly creates havoc in the horoscope by forming “sarpa dosham”. There are many methods to perform the pooja on this day. People keep fast.on this day. Generally a pot of milk is kept near the ant hill as an offering. On this day digging of ground is strictly prohibited.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

The 5 Takhts

The word “Gurudwara” means “Guru ka dwar” or gateway to Guru. This sacred place holds all the positive energies. During my recent visits to Himachal Pradesh, I got an opportunity to visit Anandpur sahib gurudwara. It was a marvelous experience. My guide told me vital information about this place. This gurudwara is one amongst 5 takhts and this is the reason for its special spiritual importance. The word “Takht” means throne or powerful seat. The important and sensitive decision related to religion takes place at these five centres. Of the five, three are in Punjab state itself and two are outside the Punjab state territory. Their names and location are as follows.
Sri Patna Sahib(Patna,Bihar)

Sri Hazoor Sahib(Nanded, Maharashtra)

Sri Akal Takht(AmritsarPunjab)

 Sri Keshgarh Sahib(Anandpur Sahib, Punjab)

Sri Damdama sahib (Bhatinda, Punjab)

The number 5 has significantly important for sikh religion. There are 5 distinguished symbols a sikh has to wear. Also there are 5 virtues in Sikhism –truth, compassion, contentment, humility and love. Above all as per order of Guru Gobind Singh ji, his 5 followers form the foundation of Khalsa.
My guide told me about the procedure of taking decision at the takht. The head of takht is called “Jathedaar”. The decision taken is called “Gurumatta”

Rules for Charity

In every horoscope there are certain planets which are benefic and others which are malefic. While making charity it might be possible we are creating trouble for ourselves. It is advisable to make charity associated with a planet which is functional malefic for your horoscope. So Next time its better to consult the astrologer before making charity

For Sun one can donate the following

Cow with a calf
Donate a piece of red cloth
Roasted gram and Gud(raw sugar)

For Moon one can donate the following
White clothes, silver, rice, boiled rice, milk, pure water etc.
Gemstones related to Moon.

For mars one can donate the following
Red clothes
masoor daal
sweet chapatti

For Mercury one can donate the following

Deep green clothes
green pumpkin
green pulses
other green vegetables and articles.
Bangles and clothes of green color to Eunuchs. (In the modern day, this would have to be people with low sex drives or impotent or frigid individuals.)
Gemstones related to Mercury.

For Jupiter one can donate the following

yellow clothes
yellow sapphire
yellow flowers

For Venus on can donate the following
silk clothes
clarified butter (ghee)
perfume, sugar
cooking oil
scented body / hair oil, sandal

For Saturn on can donate the following

Black cow.
Clothes coloured black / aqua
urad pulse
leather shoes
mustard oil

For Rahu one can donate

Iron made weapons.
Blue clothes
plate of iron
electronic items

For Ketu on can donate

weapons made of iron
dull brown colored items
Gemstones related to Ketu.

Story of Vaastupurush

In the early ages Lord Mahadev (Shiva) was at war with a devil name ‘Andhak’. The war continued for years. After Mahadev (Shiva) killed Andhak, out of the perspiration of Lord Mahadev great spirit originated.The spirit consumed all the blood from the body of Andhak. Still his appetite was not satisfied. He then undertook penance Lord Shankar (Shiva) was satisfied by his deep penance and offered him a boon. This spirit then started eating men and  animals horaciously.All the mankind, demons and the Gods were terrified by this. They went to Lord Bramha. Lord Bramhadev asked them to lay the spirit face down. 81 Gods together laid down the spirit face down and sat upon different parts of the back. When the spirit begged forgiveness from Lord Bramha. Lord Bramha gave him a boon that “After building a house or any other structure, the people who worship you as Vastudevata &  give you your share of food as Balibhoj (Part of the sacrifice ) you give them all the pleasure and prosperity. However, those who start living without your prayers and offerings, you can trouble them. This and many other such myths  can be found in different ‘Puranas’. Probably this stories were included in ‘Puranas’ to make people conscious about the subject which would make them build there house as per Vastushastra.
The myth has hidden meaning and can be interpreted in a scientific way. The demon blocking entire sky and earth symbolises the anarchy present during its formation years when it did not have any shape, size or density. It was a huge mass of rock and dust particles with fire and water vapours. After a long process( resembles here as war between demons and God) , the forces of natur became successful in stabilising the earth. The eart is becoming denser and denser with more and more gravitational force.

Sitting of gods on the body of demon symbolises the stabilisation of earth. Stable and condense earth is best for laying foundation of any building. It is rich in quality of inertia(Tamas Guna). Movement of earth in the form of soil erosion, earthquake etc is Rajsik guna of earth which is never welcome.

The presence of 81 deities representing 9 number in numerology which is ultimate number.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Jyotish-Ek Vigyaan

The law of science is based upon information fetch from observation and experimentation. In the next step they are tested and finally they become principles of science. The process with the help of which we develop rules or theories is a science. All the scientific theories are the result of series of observation of events. After that cause and effect relationship is established and later they became theories of science. For Example when a doctor come across the fatty lever in a medical report, he simple says it must be due to high intake of alcohol. This theory hold true for many years until it is found that even non-alcoholic people can have fatty-liver. No theory is perfect. With the passage of time new theory overrules the previous one.
Astrology is a science from all aspects. It fulfills the 2 fold criteria
1) Cause and effect relationship
2) The phenomenon of replication.
Astrology is a correlation of celestial events on earth. The only difference here is that in science there is one cause which produce one effect where as in astrology there are many causes to produce a single result. This is a baffling point for anti-astrology group. The phenomenon of replication is fulfilled by the astrology. For example there is no doubt when shani enters Rohini nakshatra it cause destruction. Even in villages weather forecasting could be done well before time which even a modern day since stands no where near to the target. Unfortunately, the failure of an astrologer has been often misinterpreted as a failure of the science

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Bhadra Kaal-The most destructive period

Hindu calender is based upon the lunar date called “Tithi”. Every tithi has its own characteristics. It is important to note that

1) the first half of 8th and full moon(ashtami and poornima) day of shukal paksh

2) the second half of 4th and 11th (chaturthi and ekadashi) day of shukal paksh

3) the first half of 7th and 14th (saptami and Chaturdashi) of krishan paksh and

4) the second half of 3rd and 10th (tritya and dashmi) of krishan paksh

Are so evil that it has capabitility to destroy the good results of a new venture.

As per mythology this period is ruled by Bhadra, a deity who rule over the demons. This deity has a firey tongue and blessed with destructive powers.

Exception to Rule

Exception #1 Just check the sign the moon traveling during the time of Bhadra. If moon is passing through

a) Cancer, Leo, Aquarius or Pisces, then it is said that Bhadra is residing on Prithvi lok(the earth)

b) Aries, Taurus, Gemini or Scorpio then it is said that Bhadra is residing in Swarg lok (the heaven).

c) Virgo, Libra, Saggitarius or Capricorn then it is said Bhadra is residing in Paatal Lok.

Make sure that Bhadra donot resides on earth at the time of performing any new or auspicious work.

Exception #2 The duration of Bhadra period lasts for 12 hrs(approximately) which is equivalent to 30 ghatis (each ghati has 24 minutes) as per hindu system of time calculations. Following are the effects of that duration of those 12 hrs

a) First 2 hrs results total destruction of work

b) Next 24 minutes results very troublesome period

c) Next 4 hors and 24 minutes results in loss of wealth

d) Next 1 hour and 36 minutes results in disputes

e) Next 2 hours and 24 minutes results in loss of health

f) Last 1 hour and 12 minutes results in success.

So only the last 1 hour and 12 minutes could be considered that too in case of emergency!

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Strong determination

A long time ago in a pond many frogs lived  . The King of that city built a metal pillar at the centre of Lake. The pillar was quite high and its surface was also very smooth.One day all frogs decided to compete with each other in a race. In that race all had to climb the pillar and the winner would be declared on the basis that whosoever reach the top of the pillar will be the first. On the race day all frogs gathered. All were excited to win. The race began. But when the frogs saw the pillar closely, they found that it was impossible for them to climb. Various kinds of remarks and rumours were floating in the air.
"Oh this is too hard"

"no one could  even complete the race  "

"The pole is too slipry to climb"

Two or three frogs did try their luck. But the discouraging remarks of others made them to abandon their attempt to climb the pole. But there was one frog who was still continuing his race despite many falls and finally he reached the top of the pole. All rest of his mates were amazed, They were too curious to know his secret of success.Then came a voice from behind ... "Hey, what do you ask him, he's deaf".
Generally, we all have capability to achieve the goal, but due to presence of negative energies around us, we underestimate and live the entire life without fulfilling our dreams.It is important that we should become deaf towards all those voices which makes us weak so that  no one could stop us from reaching the pinnacle of success.


Nakshatra Shaanti

According to astrological classical books every constellation is associated with certain plant or a tree. One can easily perform the propitiation of constellation called Nakshatra Shaanti by worshipping the associated tree.Following are the trees associated with each nakshataras
1) Ashwini-Vishmushti
2) Bharini- Amla
3) Kritika-Gullar
4) Rohini-Jamun
5) Mrigshira-Ber
6) Ardra-Baheda
7) Punarvasu-bamboo
8) Pushya-Peepal
9) Ashlesha-Nag Kesar
10) Magha-Vat
11) Porva Phalguni-Palaash
12) Uttar Phalguni-Pakar
13) Hasta-Reetha
14) Chitra-Coconut
15) Swati-Arjun/Jarul
16) Vishakha- Kaith
17) Anuradha- Maulsari
18) Jyeshtha-Devdaar
19) Moola-Anjan
20) Poorva aashada-Giloi
21) Uttara Aashada-phalsa
22) Shravana-Ark
23) Dhanishtha- Shami
24) Shatbhisha-Kadamba
25) Poorva bhadrapad-Aam(Mango)
26) Uttar Bhadrapad-Neem
27) Revati-Mahua