Sunday, February 24, 2013

Panch Prayag

Every confluence of two rivers is considered as auspicious. When in the confluence the river Ganga involves the auspiciousness of the place increases multi fold times. The confluence is called "Prayag" in ancient language. There are 5 most sacred confluence in Uttrakhand region. They are called "Panch Prayag" or five sacred confluence. When Sage Bhagirath lead the mission of bringing the Ganga from heaven to earth, to prevent the sinking of earth due to its mighty force, it was splitted into many sacred streams.It started its journey as river Bhagirathi from its source 'Gaumukh'. Following are the sacred form of river Ganga
1) Bhagirathi
2) Dhauli Ganga
3) Girthi Ganga
4) Rishi Ganga
5) Baal Ganga
6) Bhilangna Ganga
7) Tons Ganga
8) Alaknanda
9) Mandakini
10) Pindar
11) Nandakini

Following are the sacred 5 confluence
1) Vishnu Prayag- here river Dhauli Ganga meets Alaknanada
2) Nand Prayag- at this point river Alaknanda meets Nandakini
3) Karna Prayag- river Alknanda meets Pindar river
4) Rudra Prayag- The confluence of river Alaknanda with river Mandakini
5) Dev Prayag- river Bhagirathi joins Alaknanda. It is here river 'Ganga' got its name.

Every Prayag has its own importance and associated with sacred legend.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Naveen Vastra

There are certain days which are considered auspicious for wearing new clothes.There are 2 parameter for judging the auspiciousness.First is consideration of day and second is consideration of Nakshatra.
As per parameter 1, the effects of wearing a new cloth on different days are as follows
1) Sunday- Illness
2) Monday- grief
3) Tuesday-fear from fire.
4) Wednesday-Gains
5) Thursday-Income
6) Friday- prosperity
7) Saturday-Bad news.
According to parameter 2, the effects of nakshatra on the day of wearing new clothes are as follows
1) Aswini-Gains
2) Bharini-Loss
3) Kritika-fear from fire
4) Rohini-Gains
5) Mrigshira-Danger
6) Ardra-Good health
7) Punarvasu-wealth gain
8) Pushya-Prosperity
9) Ashlesha-Poverty
10) Magha-Illness
11) Poorva Phaguni-Disease
12) Uttra Phaguni-Gains
13) Hasta-success
14) Chitra-Gains
15) Swati-Good news
16) Vishakha-Mental happiness
17) Anuradha-Good news
18) Jyeshtha-Loss of wealth
19) Moola-Fear from enemy
20) Poorva Ashada-Disease
21) Uttra Ashada-Good Luck
22) Shravna-Loss of health
23) Dhanishtha-Gains
24) Shatbhisha-Fear of death
25) Poorva Bhadrapad-Fear from enemy
26) Uttra Bhadrapad- Monetry gains
27) Revati-Gain in wealth.
It is important that the both parameter should be auspicious to get the good result.

Monday, February 11, 2013

Nakshatra Daan

The donation of a particular thing in a particular nakshatra is called “ nakshatra daan” and it has its own significance. But its important to donate only specific thing associated with the nakshatra at the time of donation. Following are the things to be donated in each nakshatra.
1)Ashwini - Donate a chariot with good horse(a vehicle in modern contex) –
2)Bharani - Donate Til Dhenu
3) Kritika – donate milk products
4) Rohini –donate ghee
5) Mrigshiraa - Donate milk
6) Aardra – donate Til
7) Punarvasu - Donate Pooaa (a kind of Indian sweet bread)
8) Pushya - Donate gold (any yellow metal in modern context)
9) Ashlesha - Donate silver
10)Maghaa - donate Til
11) Poorvaa Phaalguni - Donate vehichle
12) Uttaraa Phaalguni - Donate gold
13) Hasta - Donate gold
14)Chitra - Donate a bull to a brahmin
15)Swaati - Donate the thing you like the most
16)Vishakha - Donate grains
17)Anuradha - Donate clothes
18)Jyeshtha - Donate vegetables
19)Mool - Donate fruits
20)Poorv Ashaadha - Donate dahi
21)Uttar Ashaadha - Donate jaggery
22)Shravan - Donate books
23)Dhanishtha - Donate cow
24)Shatbhisha - Donate sandalwood
25)Poorv Bhaadrapad - Donate Urad
26)Uttar Bhaadrapad - Donate clothes
27)Revati - Donate cow
Note-Every charity has a specific effect .

Monday, February 4, 2013

Bhoomi Pariksha

As per vaastu it is very importat to check the suitability of land before construction. Thousands of years back our sages suggests some rules, some of which are still followed by the modern students of engineering.

Method -1

At the centre of plot dig a pit of dimension 1.5 ft x 1.5 ft x 1.5 ft. The same pit has to be filled with evacuated soil. If the pit is completely filled with no remains of soil then it indicates that plot is of average quality as far as bearing capacity of soil is concern. If extra soil remains left then that plot gives good wealth. On the other hand if all the evacuated soil gets fell short for filling the pit then that plot results in loss of wealth.

Method - II

At the centre of plot dig a pit of dimension 1.5 ft x 1.5 ft x 1.5 ft. Fill the pit with water. Examiner should follow 100 steps towards North direction and return back to examine the pit. If the water level remains same, then that plot is beneficial to reside. If water totally disappear than reject that site.

Method –III

At the centre of plot dig a pit of dimension 1.5 ft x 1.5 ft x 1.5 ft. light a lamp in it in 4 cardinal directions in a pit. If the lamp of eastern direction burns for the longer time then it indicates that the site is suitable for Brahmins. Similarly for northern lamp,western lamp and southern lamp indications are for kashtriyas,vaishya and shudras respectively.

Other methods

Even today in villages auspiciousness of site is done by ploughing the seeds on site and then examining the number of days taken to germinate them. This give fair indications of suitability of site to a particular person. Last but not least the color,odour,flavour and the articles found during diging throws decisive hints about suitability. For example while digging if one found bones,torn clothes,ash,hairs etc then it is inauspicious to reside on such land

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Date Of Construction

In Indian system the “Tithi”(Hindi Date) plays a very important role in determining the auspiciousness of time or day for a particular activity. The tithi prevailing on the day of construction has to be auspicious to harness the good effects of nature.If we add 4 to the current tithi number and multiply by 2; to this number add letters of the name of owner.Divide the sum by 3. If the remainder is 1 or 2 then the construction on that day will result all round benefits and if remainder is 3 then it will cause inauspicious results to the owner.
If a owner Ram Kumar want to begin the construction on Panchami tithi, then calculations will be as follows
Current Tithi=5
Letters in the name of owner=8
Formula=(((5+4)x2)+8 )/3=26/3

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Somvati Amavasya

When no moon day(Amavasya) fall on Monday(somvaar) then the day is called 'Somvati Amavasya'. The most important ritual associated with this day is bathing in sacred rivers.Its importance is told by Bhishma to Yudhishter that one who baths in sacred rivers,that will be  relieved from disease. It is also  called "Rog Mukti snan".Also the Amavasya is ruled by our ancestors  and its signification increased many times when it coincides with Monday.  'Tarpan' performed on this day is considered very auspicious to get the blessings from the deceased souls.Charity done on this day is equivalent to donating thousands cows. Parikrama(revolve) around Peepal tree for 108 times is one of the important ritual. "Om Namo Bhagwatey Vasudevay" is the mantra which could be chanted while doing parikrama in a clockwise direction. Peepal tree is considered as the manifistation of "Tridev",the Brahma,Vishnu and Mahesh. Somvati Amavasya is equivalent to 100 eclipse which shows the importance of this day.This day is excellent for fasting for the longevity of happy married life.