Sunday, May 22, 2011

The super eight

In Kailyuga,(the 4th stage of time concept as per Hinduism), the maximum life span of a human is believe to be 120 years. But there are some souls who because of boon or curse roam on the earth having abnormal life span. The term used for the long life is “Chiranjeev” means a person who lives eternal life. The 8 persons who attain this title are

1) Sage Markandeya

2) King Bali

3) Vibhishan

4) Parshuram

5) Hanuman

6) Sage Vyas

7) Kripacharya

8) Ashwathama

Still it is believe that the above 8 are present on earth whose current age varies from thousands to millions of years! So while exploring India , if you come across the region dedicated to any one of above all, make sure they are there itself to listen your prayers!!!

Monday, May 2, 2011

The curse of Vedvati

King Kushadhwaj was a powerful king and he was true devotee of Lord Vishnu. His wife gave birth to a daughter. At the time of birth the little girl was chanting the vedic mantras(prayer). This was a good omen for an extraordinary child. As a result her parents named her as “Vedvati”. Like her father she was also a true devotee of Lord Vishnu. She performed very tough tapasya(meditation) to please Lord Vishnu. As she grow older and older , she became adamant that she would marry to only Lord Vishnu. All the efforts of her parents of guiding her to marry some other king on earth went in vain. After the death of her parents , she preferred to stay in the forest and did meditation just to have a glimpse of lord Vishnu. Once the King Ravana, the ruler of Lanka visited her hermitage. He was stunned by the beauty of Vedvati and proposed her to marry him. But Vedvati rejected his offer. The angry King Ravana insulted her and destroyed her tapasya. She cursed Ravana that in her next birth she would become the cause of his death .She could not bear the insult , so she immolated herself . The vedvati reborn as Sita in the next birth. Due to all her merits which she acquired in previous birth she married to Rama(an incarnation of lord Vishnu). Later , Sita(vedvati , in previous birth) became the cause of destruction of the vast empire of King Ravana!