Friday, February 29, 2008

Guru Dakshina

For a teacher every student is same. It is left to the student how he make use of that knowledge. Sage Dronacharaya was the teacher of kauravas and Pandvas in childhood.One day a child named Eklavya came to Drone and requested him to be his Guru for archery. But Sage Dronacharya turned down the request as he used to taught only kshatriyas. Disappointed the young child came back to the forest. He bore no ill-will towards Drone in his mind. Back in the forest he made a statue of Dronacharya He called him his Guru. Daily he would worship his image of Guru and practice archery. Within a short time he became master in archery. One day Kaurav and Paandav went on a picnic in a forest. They took a dog along with them. The dog entered the forest. While wandering the dog saw Eklavya and started barking at him.Eklavya sealed his mouth with his seven arrows. Now the dog could not open his mouth. The dog ran away to the place from where he came.So Dronacharya and children saw a dog coming with his mouth full of arrows. Arjuna was in a state of shock because he always thought himself to be the best archer. They all went in the direction from where he came. Dronacharya found a boy practicing archery. On asking , the boy revealed his identity as Ekalvya.Sage Dronacharya got surprised to hear this because he never taught him. Ekalavya took them where he had established his Guru's statue (Dronacharya's statue). Drone had another surprise. Eklavya said that he had learnt the art by regarding that idol as Guru. Also he stood hiding while Sage Dronacharya taught others in ashram.But Sage Dronacharya loved Arjun very much and he wanted him to be the best archer in the world. He saw another future better archer in Eklavya. At this point he asked for Guru Dakshina. Because without paying it the education is incomplete.Ekalvya agreed.Sage Dronacharya asked for the right thumb of Ekalvya as Guru Dakshina. All children stood stunned hearing such Guru Dakshinaa, but Eklavya immediately picked up a knife and cut his right hand thumb and offered it to Guru's feet without any hesitation. Even now the people from that tribe do not use their right hand thumb while using their bow and arrow.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Tale of King Yayati

King Yayati was one of the learned king in Chandra Vansha. He married the daughter of Sukracharya - Devyani. His father in law Shukracharya warned him that if he involved in relations with other woman then he would turned old immediately. Later Devyani gave birth to 2 sons –Yadu and Turvasu.There was a maid called Sharmishtha whos was insulted by Devyani at one time. To take revenge from Devyani, Sharmishtha married secretly with King Yayati. She gave birth to 3 sons –Druhyu,Anu,Puru. When Devyani came to know about the relationship of Yayati and Sharmishtha and their three sons she felt shocked and she went away to her father's house. Shukracharya was unhappy with the king Yayati, and cursed that he would lose his youth and become an old man immediately. As soon as Shukracharya uttered his curse Yayati became an old man. King Yayati asked for forgiveness.The only exception to that curse was if Yayati wanted he could give his old age to someone and take their youth from them. Yayati, now an old man, quickly returned to his kingdom and called for his eldest son. He asked him to exchange his youth for some time. But he turned down this request. Only his youngest son, Puru, however said it was his duty to fulfill his father's desires and ensure his father's comforts o he agreed to take Yayati's old age. For a thousand years Yayati lived a pleasurable life with his wives and after his desires were fully satisfied he returned Puru's youth to him. In return for Puru's sacrifice he crowned Puru as the next king of the lunar dynasty and declared that his lineage would continue through Puru. It was in this dynasty that the Kauravas and the Pandavas were born. Yadu started his own dynasty. Krishna, the eighth incarnation of Vishnu, who was the advisor to the Pandavas, was a descendent of Yadu. This Story throws hints about anti aging process

Friday, February 22, 2008

Useful Curse

During the years of exile, Arujna wanted to increase his powers to protect himself and his family. He visited Indra in the heaven. Arjun learned and mastered the art of weaponry. During that time Indra decided to impart him with the knowledge of music and dance as he was aware of future. On the other hand even in the heaven, in Arjuna’s mind the bitter memories of Hastinapur was still fresh. Indra commanded apsara Urvashi at Arjuna's service so that she could mitigate Arjuna's pain. As Urvasi was fascinated by Arjuna, she readily agreed for the task. At the dawn, she got ready and reached Arjuna's place. Arjuna was amazed at her arrival and asked for its reason. Urvasi told Arjuna that she was at his service. Arjuna said that he could never imagined desiring her as she was worthy of respect. Urvashi argued that since she was a mere dancer, she was not bound to anyone. It was improper for Arjuna to think her as respectable and avoid her. However, Arjuna remained adamant in his stand. Urvashi got upset and cursed him that he would turn into a dancer and impotent. When Arjuna came back on earth, the final year of the exile had began, in which all pandavas had to spend the whole year in disguise form. It is this curse which prove beneficial to Arjuna as he himself turned into a female dancer to conceal his identity.That cursed proved to be a blessing in disguise for Arjuna during the the final year of exile.

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Story of Marisha

Once Lord Indra send aspsara PramLocha to disturb the meditation of Sage Kandu. Kandu passed one hundred years enjoying company with the apsara. One day, the apsara expressed her desire to leave for her heavenly abode. But he requested her to stay for some more time with him. The apsara agreed to his request and stayed with him for another hundred years. Then once again she expressed her desire to leave for her heavenly abode. Once again, blinded by illusion, the sage requested her to stay for some more time. Once again the apsara stayed for another hundred years with Kandu. Thus, every time, when the apsara got ready to leave, sage stopped her. One day, towards the evening, the sage hurriedly left his ashram. On enquiring the sage replied that as it was dusk, he should offer his evening prayers.Laughingly, she said- "O Sage ! your day has ended after hundreds of years! ". But the Sage replied that "You had arrived at the ashram right in the morning today. You passed the whole day with me and now it is evening.”. Pramlocha told the sage that they had together passed nine hundred and seven years six months and three days. Hearing this, the sage began to curse himself that he was so sunk in the wordly pleasure with the apsara that he even forgot the time.He drove her away from his ashram. Due to fear she she began to perspirate. As a result few drops of sweat fall on leaves of trees. The child she had conceived by the Sage Kandu came forth from the pores of her skin in drops of perspiration. The trees received the living dews, and the winds collected them into one mass. The rays of Chandra provides nourishment.Gradually it increased in size till it became the lovely girl named Marisha.In the previous birth Marisha was a childless widow of king. Lord Vishnu granted her a boon that in her next birth she would be wife of ten most powerful Gods and would gave birth to a child who will be the father of all creations. In the next birth she had became the wife of ten Prachetas who attained the powers of God after doing meditation of several thousands years in the ocean. She gave birth to Daksha Prajapati.Following the dictate of Brahma, Daksha Prajapati produced different kinds of living beings as his children.

Friday, February 15, 2008

The First Generation

According ti Hindu Mythology, Swayambhu Manu and Shatrupa were the first male and female created by Lord Brahma. They had three daughters(Akuti ,Prasuti and Devahuti) and two sons(Priyavratt and Utanpad). The linage of Prince Priyavratt was as follows. He married to Barhishmatee, the daughter of Vishwakaram.They had 10 sons and 1 daughter.From his second wife he had 3 sons – Uttam, Tamas & Raivat.The second Prince Uttanpad had 2 wives-Suniti &Suruchi.Suruchi gave birth to Uttam and Suniti gave birth to Dhruv.Now Princess Akuti was married to Prajapati Ruchi, Princess Prasuti to Daksha and Princess Devahuti to Sage Kardam. As the time progress Akuti gave birth to a boy(named Yagna) and a girl(Dakshina) . Prasuti and Daksha had sixteen daughters. Thirteen were married to Dharma and one to Agni. One daughter was sent to Pitraloka and the last daughter was Sati.Twelve of the thirteen daughters married to Dharma gave birth to a son each. The thirteenth one, Murti, was the most blessed because she gave birth to Nara and Narayan, who were incarnations of Vishnu.Another daughter of Daksha,Svaha who had married Agni, gave birth to three sons Pavak, Pavamana and Shuchi. It is these three who consume the oblations offered to the fire during sacrifices. These three sons had another forty-five sons, making the number in the three generations of fire-gods to forty-nine. Svadha who was married to the ancestors in Pitraloka had two daughters, Vayuna and Dharini. Both were experts in Vedas

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Test of King Rantidev

Once upon a time Indra, Yamraj and Lord Brahma had a despute regarding who amongst them is greatest devotee of Lord Vishnu. They went to Vaikunth Dham, the adobe of Lord Vishnu to knew the answer.Surprisingly Lord Vishnu replied “King Rantidev” as the most devotee. They decided to test his devotion. During that period Rantidev had kept fast for 48 days. To test him the Gods went to him on the 48th day, the last day of fasting. They knew that a hungry man can not share food.They saw Rantidev was about to break fast with food and water.Exactly at that moment a Brahmin came there and asked for something to eat.Rantidev gave him half of his share of food.The Brahmin blessed him and went away. Now as Rantidev started to eat again a beggar approached him who too was hungry since many days. Rantidev gave some of his remaing part of food. As Rantidev began to eat, again a wanderer came there along with some dogs.He begged for food for himself and for his dogs.Rantidev was so kind that he didn’t refuse him and gave away all the food.Actually all the persons who came to Rantidev were gods who were testing him.But Still God of Death,Yamraj had to took test of Rantidev. So he changed himself into a poor man and went to Rantidev. The king didn’t had any thing to eat except just a glass of water to break the fast. As Rantidev about to drink the water, the poor man came and asked for water to quench his thirst. As Rantidev invited poorman to took the glass, he refused to enter the house. The poorman said that he was untouchable shudra and if he touched the him then it would have sin for Rantidev. But Rantidev placed around the neck of poor man and welcomed him to offer a glass of water.He said “You are my guest. For me you are equivalent to God”. The poor man drank water. Now all the Gods appeared in their true form.Lord Vishnu said “I am pleased with you.You have regarded everyone equal and see me in all that is around you”. Lord Vishnu blessed him and grant him a place in heaven.

Sacrifice of King Asmanjas

King Sagar was ruler of Ayodhya. He had two wives kesini and Sumati. They had no child so they prayed Aurv Muni to give them children. Aurv Muni said - "Among both of you one queen will have only one son, but he will carry the name of his father; while another will have 60,000 sons just to fulfill her wish to have children. So ask whatever you wish for according to your desire." Kesini asked for one son and then Sumati had 60,000 sons. Keshini's son's name was Asmanjas. In previous birth prince Asamajas was a saint. But he couldnot reached the ultimate height because of one bad company. As a result he has to took birth again. The event of previous birth was still fresh in the mind of prince Asamanjas. He did not wanted to fell in trap of bonds of relations as they are the obstacles in the path of Salvation. In this birth he was determined not to made mistake by emotionanlly attached with some one. So, from childhood he tried to stay away from parents. Some times he even pretended to be a lunatic so that no body could love him in family. He did all those acts to make the relatives against him. He even threw his friends in river while playing to make the people against him.Finally King Sagar dejected him. Prince Asmanjas happily left the kingdom because this was what he wanted to go ahead in the path of salvation. But before leaving he brought back the life of children who were drowned in the river. This act brings the wave of happiness in the kingdom. The anger of people turned into respect. But by that time prince Asmanjas left for the forest. So emotions are the block between our soul and supreme soul

Friday, February 8, 2008

Lord Brahma's Pride

Once upon a time Lord Brahma was doing meditation.After many years passed away he thought that he had attain the ultimate height.This made him proud. At this moment, there appeared in front of him the most beautiful apsara. Her name was Mohini.She wanted to marry him.Lord Brahma got furious and asked her to leave. Mohini was insulted. But before leaving she cursed him that no one will worship him. As a result Lord Brahma was no longer worshipped by any one. Hurted Lord Brahma went to Lord Vishnu. While he was waiting in Vaikunth, the adobe of Lord Vishnu,he saw somebody just like himself, except that this figure had ten heads. Then he saw another figure like himself, but with one hundred heads, and a third with one thousand heads. All of them looked exactly like him, but he had only four heads. When Lord Vishnu came, Lord Brahma asked him who these other figures were. Lord Vishnu replied, “These are all Brahmas, like you. You are not the only Brahma! You must know that there are many universes and each universe is represented by one Brahma, one Creator. There are hundreds of universes and hundreds of Brahmas. They look exactly like you, but you have only four heads, whereas they have many, many more.”.After hearing these words from Lord Vishnu, the pride of Lord Brahma vanished away. Then Lord Brahma asked for the remedy for Mohini’s curse Lord Vishnu replied that the only remedy is to meditate for 60,000 years and then he must go to the holy river Ganga and bathe. Only then he would able to get rid of that curse. Since then it is believe that in Indian mythology, they always say that a curse lasts for 60,000 years