Monday, October 22, 2012

24 Incarnations of Lord Vishnu

According to Puraans there are 24 Avtaar(incarnations) of Lord Vishnu  

1. Sanat kumars Avtaar

2.Vaarah Avtaar

3.Narad Avtaar

4.Nar Naaraayan avtaar

5.Kapil Avtaar

6.Dattatrey Avtaar

7.Yagya Avtaar

8.RishabhDev Avtaar

9.Prithu Avtaar

10.Matsy Avtaar

11 .Kurm Avtaar

12 .Dhanvantari Avtaar

13 .Mohini Avtaar

14. Narsingh Avtaar

15. Vaaman Avtaar

16. Parshuraam Avtaar

17. Vyaas Avtaar

18. Ram Avtaar

19 .Balram Avtaar

20. Krishna Avtaar

21. Buddha Avtaar

22. Hayegreev Avtaar

23. Hans Avtaar

24. Kalki Avtaar

Mahadev as Leeladhar

  Himavan, the father of Parvati hosted a grand feast at the time of marriage of his daughter with Lord Shiva(Mahadev). As per ritual only after feeding the bridegroom , the bride could eat. All the guest enjoyed the feast. But Lord Shiva still continued eating his food. Himavan ordered his cooks to arrange more food. But Lord Shiva did not stopped. Now the tension started to develop as the food stock was about to be over which could prove very insulting for Himavan. Nandi sensed the sensitivity of the situation and approached Parvati and informed her about the situation. Parvati came to Mahadev who was in divine look. Parvati looked him for the first time in human form.She herself fed him morsel from her hand. Mahadev ate it. After three morsels Lord Shiva said that he is no more hungry.. Every one was still worried because the whole stock of food was finished. Lord Shiva asked cooks to check their vessels again which were supposed to be empty. The cooks were shocked to see that all the vessels were full with food.Lord Shiva said  he had consumed only the last three morsel given by Paravti . After seeing this divine act of Lord Shiva, she gave him  a name "LeelaDhar" means the master of divine act

Sunday, October 14, 2012

Lord Shiva as Chandrashekhar

At the time of marriage of Lord Shiva(Mahadev) with goddess Parvati, when mother of Goddess Parvati , Menavati,saw the Lord Shiva as the bridegroom of her daughter she was fainted as it was against her expectations. He was wearing   tiger skin with serpent around his neck and his body was covered with ashes.When Menavati gained consciousness ,she refused to let Parvati marry Shiva. Parvati took Menavati's permission and met Mahadev. She persuaded Mahadev to attain graceful form. Lord Vishnu appeared at this time. He himself promised to be a brother of goddess Parvati and took the responsibility to groom Mahadev. Lord Vishnu used his divine powers to make Lord Shiva to be appear as the most handsome person in entire universe. When the grooming processed completed, Lord Shiva appeared in divine form. Even Lord Vishnu who was amazed to see the divine form of Lord Shiva said  that this form of Lord Shiva will be known as "Chandrashekhar" and it will be the most beautiful form even among all His incarnation.