Thursday, March 1, 2012

Holashtak-Time to be Careful

Eight day prior to the festival Holi are collectively known as "Holashtak". The word 'ashtak' means 'eight'. This period commence from the lunar month of Phalgun and on ashtami tithi and it ends on Phalgun Poornima. This period of eight days is considered as highly inauspicious , specially in north India.No auspicious work is commence during this period.This period is considered is very important for Taantriks as this is the most favourable period for fulfilling their goals through 'Saadhna'.They attain special powers during this time which can be used in a desired way.At the begining of Holashtak,on day 1, the place where Holika dahan has to be performed after 8 days is cleaned with Ganga Jal.Then pyre is created specifically with a wood which are collected from the broken branches of trees.All the 16 sanskaars of hindu are not performed during this period. In case of a death, the last rites are performed only after special prayer to ward off the evil effect of Holashtak.It is believe that on day one of Holashtak, Lord Shiva burned the Kaam dev with HIS fire of anger.