Saturday, June 27, 2009

The Aquatic Navagrehas

As per the concept of Hinduism, we get all the happiness and sufferings in our lives because of our past life karmas. The nava-grehas or the nine planets in our horoscope are the key controller of our destiny. Even Lord Rama was not spared from the effects of navagrehas. Before proceeding for Lanka , Lord Rama needed the help of nature to overcome the powerful enemy, Ravana. The reason behind that was Ravana was himself acquired many divine powers. Once Goddess Durga appeared in the dream of Lord Rama and guided Lord Rama to perform navagreha pooja in order to overcome the adverse effects planets.So after consulting sages, Lord Rama decided to perform special pooja of nava-grehas. He placed nine stones pillars which symbolically represented the 9 planets and do praan-pratishtha(invoking divine powers). Only after performing the pooja Lord Rama proceed towards to Lanka. This confirms the importance of Navagrehas . So every human being on this earth is under the influence of 9 planets. During my teerath-yaatra to Tamil Nadu I got a chance to witness these magical navagrehas, which are still there. These pillars are half submerged in the sea. They are located in a place called Navapaashanam in Devipattinam . It is 14 km North-east of Ramnathpuram in Tamilnadu. This place is considered as very powerful place to perform the tarpan for our ancesters. The unique thing about Devipattinam is that it is the only place in the world where the Navagrahas are located inside the sea.

I performed the pooja in Navapaashanam