Sunday, March 16, 2014

Job and Astrology

These days millions of dollars are spend on recruitment in an organization. The relation between employer and employee is very crucial for the success of an organization. In the same way for an employee it is the job-satisfaction that is important. From astrological point of view the day on which recruitment is taking place is very important for both employer and employee.

From Employers Point of View- Check the nakshatra of the day on which he want to recruit an employee. Now count from his Janam Nakshatra till todays Nakshatra. (Note Abhijit Nakshatra has to be included in the counting.). If the result comes out to be 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,15,16,17,18,19,20,21 then it would be auspicious recruitment.

Example Suppose todays nakshatra is Pushya and the employer’s nakshatra is Ashwini. Now count from Ashwini till Pushya it comes to be 8. So it won’t be beneficial to recruit an employee.

From Employees point of view- Suppose on the day of filling an application is Punarvasu nakshatra and the janam Nakshatra of the candidate is Kritika. Now count from the Kritika till Punarvasu we get 5. So it would be auspicious to file an application on this day.

This is very helpful method for determining the best day for filling application for new job or recruiting new employee.


As per classics there are 8 kinds of marriages
1)Brahma Vivah – In ancient times when boy completes its studies,his parents select the eligible girl for him. Only the kanya daan ceremony was performed at that time.
2)Daiva Vivah - A bride when married to a Groom in return for a service or favour done by him regardless of the bride’s consent, its termed as “Daiva Vivaha”.
3)Arsha Vivah – In this type, the girl marries with a sage.
4)Prajapatya Vivah – Father of a girl searches for a suitable groom.
5)Gandharva Vivah – It is similar to love marriage.
6)Asura Vivah – In this type of marriage,unsuitable boy approaches the parents of girl with considerable wealth in exchange of bride.
7)Rakshasa Vivah – A kind of forceful marriage in which groom fights battle with bride’s family.
8)Paishacha Vivah – Marriage against the wishes of girl.
Our classics accepts only first 4 types of marriage