Monday, June 20, 2011

The Legend of Triambakeshwar

Sage Gautam was a very pious sage. He attained many divine powers with his meditation. Once there was a drought in his region called as Brahmgiri hills(Triambak) . He worshipped Lord Varun(the god of water). Pleased with the prayers of sage Gautam, Lord Varun blessed the area with plenty of water. The created jealousy among other sages. The deliberately send a cow at the hermitage of sage Gautam. While sage Gautam was trying to drive the cow away from his ashram, she died. It was considered as one of the greatest sin to kill a cow. The sage felt guilty for the sin which was done unintentionally. The only option was left to get rid of the sin was to perform the parikrama(circumambulation) of Brahmgiri hill for 101 times and bring the river Ganga here and worship the shivling . Sage Gautam performed this tough ritual. Later Lord Shiva and goddess Parvati appeared and granted the boon of appearing the river Ganga in this region. River Ganga appeared instantly on the order of Lord Shiva, but she requested Lord Shiva and goddess Parvati to stay along with here. Lord accepted the demand and decided to reside in the form of Triambakeshwar. From then the river got its name Godavri(Gautami-ganga). On seeing this divine occasion all other gods appear and promised to visit here once in twelve years when the planet Jupiter transits through the Leo sign. Since then when this planetary combination repeats ,the huge “Kumbh-mela” (festival) is held at the bank of Godavri. It is believe that to keep their promise all the gods present at the spot during that period and bathing in river Godavri considered as auspicious.

The first Glimpse of the Jyotirlingam ,Triambakeshwar

Dwar, the entrance

The main sanctum in the backdrop

This moment which will go along with me when i would leave the earth