Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Sri Sunder Narayan Temple

This is one of the oldest temple in the Nashik. It is situated at the edge of the Ahilya Bai Holkar bridge. It is the only temple in the world where Lord Vishnu is present along with goddess Tulsi and goddess Lakshmi. Goddess Tulsi was Vrinda, the queen of demon Jallandhar in the previous birth. The demon had a boon that he will remain immortal till his wife remain chaste(Pavitra). It was necessary to kill the demon to save the earth from his havoc. So, Lord Vishnu appeared in front of Vrinda in disguise form of her husband Jallandhar. By mistake she could not able to reveal the identity of Lord Vishnu. Thinking him as her husband , she touched him. So her promise to remain pure was broken. When she realized her mistake she cursed Lord Vishnu to turned into a black stone called Shaligram. After this curse the complexion of Lord Vishnu turned into black. Lord Vishnu rushed to the bank of Godavri river and took a holy bath. Instantaneously, he regain his divine complexion.
My guide told me the unique feature of this east facing temple. On 21st March when day and night are equal, the first ray of the rising sun fall on the feet of deity

Monday, July 18, 2011

The Kapileshwar temple

This is the only temple in the world where Nandi ji is not present in the sanctum sanctorum. It is located at the bank of river Godavri at Ram kund in Nashik(Maharashtra).My guide told me an intresting legend behind it. Once Lord Shiva punished Brahma for his mistake and cut his 5th head. But at the same time , a sin incurred to Lord Shiva for killing the 5th head of Brahma(Brahm hatya dosh). This perplexed Lord Shiva . He tried every method to get rid of this sin. Despite wandering every place on bhu-lok(the earth), there was no respite. Then nandi ji suggested one escape route. He took Lord Shiva to the bank of Godavri. He guided him to a secret spot. This was the point where the 3 rivers, Godavri,Aruna and Varuna met. Here Lord Shiva took a holy dip. He was librated from the sin after this bath. Since Nandi ji guided him so Lord Shiva treated him as a Guru (not as a follower)at this place. This is the reason that there is no idol of Nandi ji here.

Exactly at this point Lord Shiva took bath at the confluence of Godavri river,Aruna river and Varuna River

At the backdrop, its Kapileshwar temple where Lord Shiva treated Nandiji as his Guru

Saturday, July 16, 2011

Signification of Shravan month

The hindu calendar is based upon the movement of moon across the zodiac. The 12 months are-
1) Chaitra
2) Vaishakh
3) Jyeshtha
4) Ashaad
5) Shravna
6) Bhadrapad
7) Ashwin
8) Kaartik
9) Margshisha
10) Paussh
11) Magh
12) Phalgun
The month number 5 i.e. Shravana is very significant to the Shivaites due to the legend associated with this month. To please the goddess of wealth Mahalakshmi, the gods and demon decided to churn ocean. It was pre decided that what ever things emit from the ocean would be share between Gods and demons. During this process, 14 divine items were emerged from the ocean. Of the fourteen items, one item was the most deadly poison called Halahal. No body was the taker of the Halahal poison. This created panic among Gods and demons. At this crunch time Lord Shiva appeared to save the earth from destruction. He accepted the pot of poison and drank in such a manner that the poison could not able to surpass his throat. The effect of the poison was so strong that the whole throat turned blue. Since then lord Shiva named as NeelKanth(means blue throat) . To mitigate the effect of poison, gods rushed to offer ganga jal(water of holy river ,ganga). The whole event was held in the month of Shravana. Since then this month of Shravana is totally dedicated to lord Shiva. Though the whole shravana month is auspicious for worshipping Lord Shiva, but the Mondays falling in this month has special significance as the ruling deity of Monday is Lord Shiva. The golden rule is that Jap(recitationof mantra) done in particular place or in particular time has special significance as its effects increases many times. So, this was the Mahatmayam(significance) of Shravan maas(month)……

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

The Right Choice

On the eve of Mahabharata war, there was too much anxiety in the both camps of Kauravasa and Pandavas. No body wanted to loose this battle. On the other hand Lord Krishna, the ruler of Dwarka was playing neutral role. But he had mighty army. Arjuna as a representative from Pandava side and Duryodhan from the Kauravas side went to Lord Krishna for the support for their side. Duryodhan wanted to gain upperhand and reached there before Arjun in the palace of Lord Krishna. At that time Lord Krishna was sleeping. Duryodhan hurriedly occupied a seat near the head of Krishna and Arjun decided to sit near the feet of Krishna. When Krishna woke up he saw Arjun first and then Duryodhan. On knowing the reason of their visit Krishna offered two choices to both camps. First was to choose the his mighty army which was capable of destroying any enemy and the second was his own services only as a mentor. Since Kirshna saw Arjun first so he asked Arjun to chose his option first. This made Duryodhan worried because he wanted the army of krishna dearly. On listening this Arjun fell in the feet of Krishna and asked his services in the battle. This was an absolute shocker for Duryodhan and he was overwhelmed with joy that he got the army of krishna which he thought that this would tilt the result of the battle in his own favour. He was sure shot about Kauravas victory after getting the army of krishna. But at the end of 18 day war the result was opposite. Pandavas prevails over Kauravas. Krishna played perfect role as a friend,mentor,philospher and a manager. He guided pandavas from time to time and kept the moral of his side up and high.

The same rule applies to modern day management policy.

A leader of any organisation or a family should have
1)motivational skills(Arjun who looses all his courage at the crunch time, it was krishna who motivates him)
2)controlling skills(Krishna controlled more than 1.5 million army personnel in the war)
3)Good leadership qualities( though with less resourced than Kauravas, still Pandavas won because of good leadership qualities of Krishna and his skills of utilising his limited resources effectively and efficiently)
4) Excellent strategy( Krishna knews that if Arjun fought with Karan then Arjun would surly lost. So he placed Ghatotkach against Karan. This was the turning point of the war as all the powers of Karan was wasted in killing the Ghatotkach and Arjun's strenght was safeguarded.

Monday, July 4, 2011

The Holy Pond - Kushavrat

The word 'Sarovar' means a pond or a water body. The water is one of the most important subtle element in hinduism. Bathing in a pond in a pilgrimage is one of the important ritual which includes tarpan(offering water to the departed souls) also. In Triambak town, there is such holy pond where bathing is considered as one the dream of hindu due to its holiness. This is "Kushavrat sarovar" or "Kushavrat teerth". As per legend after the boon given by Lord Shiva to Sage Gautam, the river Godavri appeared at Brahmgiri hills(in Triambak town near Nashik) for the first time. But after a short while it again disappears as she was not willing to stay on earth.. Sage Gautam couldn’t able to bath in it, which was necessary for removing his sin accrued to him because of killing of a cow accidentally. Now it was a great cause of concern for Sage Gautam to prevent river Godavri from disappearing. He took 4 blades of kusha-grass and energized it with his divine power and threw at the 4 corners. This worked like a trap for river Godavari. Since then it is believe that this pond where sage Gautam placed 4 kusha (a kind of grass) at the four corners is the source of river Godavri. After that this pond was named as “Kushavrat” means surrounded by kusha(a grass)