Sunday, July 21, 2013

GandaMoola Dosha

The fear of Ganda-Moola or “Gandants” is highly prevalent in our society. At the time of birth pandits often terrorise the parents if a child born under certain nakshatra. It is important to understand the myth and reality first. The “Ganda “ means “Knot” and the “anta” means “end”. The Zodiac or the path of moon is divided into 12 raashis or in 27 nakshatras. So, it is the junction point in the zodiac which can be found at three places.
Interestingly the nature of each sign repeats after every 4 signs. For Example Aries is first sign. It is of firey nature.The sequence is as follows-
Aries,Leo,Sagittarius- Firey
We all know that fire and water are enimical.The border between Aries-Pisces,Cancer-Leo and Scorpio-Saggitarius act like danger mark or in otherway it is like a “knot” or “point of junction”. That is why when moon is about to cross the dividing line or has just cross it then it is considered as a warning signal. It is believe that a person born under this situation suffers numerous miseries in life. Since each raashi can be sub divided into nakshatras, so the nakshatras falling at the beginning of Aries/Leo/Saggitarius i.e. Aswini, Magha and Moola and the nakshatras falling at the end of Cancer/Scorpio/Pisces i.e. Ashlesha, Jyeshtha and Revati can be trouble causing. But this rule is too general and the pandits make full use of it as a weapon to terrorise the parents of a new born. Since the nakshatra can be further subdivided into 4 padas therefore 4th pada of Revati, Ashlesha, Jyestha and the 1st pada of Ashwini, Magha and Moola should be put into scanner. The first three Ghatis(1 ghati=24 mints) of Ashwini, magha & moola nakshatras and the last five Ghatis before the end of the ashlesha, jyeshtha & revati are important.
1.First If birth is in the daytime, it is called Pitri (father) Gandanta while a night birth during Gandanta is called Matri (mother) Gandanta.
2. The second view is if birth in Revati – Aswini junction is called Swa (self) –Gandanta, if birth in Ashlesha – Magha junction is called Matri (mother) Gandanta and if birth in Jyestha – Moola junction is called Pitri (father) Gandanta.
3. Consideration of Moola-Nivasa (Residence of Moola)
a) In months of Margasirsa, Phalgun, Vaisakha and Jyestha the residence of Moola is in “Patala Loka”
b) In Sravana, Kartika, Chaitra and Pausa the residence of Moola is in Martyu Loka
c) In months of Ashada, Aswina, Bhadra and Magha, the residence of Moola is in Swarga Loka
If birth is in Gandanta and the residence of Moola is in the Martyu Loka then great evil is indicated. The evil is lesser for the other Loka. Also Movable, Fixed and Dual signs as the (Lagna) are said to give Moola residence of Swarga, Patala and Martyu loka respectively.
4. The number of the Janma Nakshtra is multiplied by three (3). The numbers of birth tithi as recknoed from Sukla Paksha prati pada and the day of birth (as reckoned from Sunday) are added and the sum is divided by eight (8). The remainder indicates the Ganda Dosh (Error/Evil). Following are the effect if the remainder is
Complete destruction
Loss of wealth
danger to mother
Loss of physical power
Destruction in maternal relations
Destructions to Co borns
Loss to Father
Complete loss
As per traditions various remedies and rituals has to be performed in case of gandamooldosha. But the above negative effects will accrue only when other supporting yogas are present in the chart. Birth on Abhijit muhurat counters the evill effects as per Sage Vashistha. Also, moon in own vargas and aspected by benefics can ward off the ill effects. So, no need to fear when remedies are here!!!

Effect of a Planetary Ingress

When a planet move from one raashi to another, then it is called “ Ingress”. Whenever this happen, it indicate some significant changes in our lives. Now the question is how to judge?
Step -1 Note the Janam Raashi of Jatak
Step- 2 Now note the current raashi position of the moon when any planet changes the sign
Step- 3 Now Count from the Janam Raashi to the current raashi position which we obtain from step-2
Step-4 If the number comes to be
1,6,11 then the planet which changes the sign will give best result.
2,5,9 then the planet which changes the sign will give good result.
3,7,10 then planet which change the sign will give average result.
4,8,12 then planet which change the sign will give bad result.
For Example
Let’s consider a Jatak whose Janam Raashi is Taurus. Recently the planet Jupiter changes the sign from Scorpio to Saggitarius on 22 Nov 2007.At that time of change moon was in Pisces. So current position of moon is Pisces.
Now begin the counting from Taurus to Pisces. We get 11
From the above table it shows the result will be very good.

Friday, July 12, 2013

Combust Planets

In astrology when a planet comes in the orb of sun then it is considered as combust or asta. In predictive astrology the the significations of the house which is ruled by the combust planet looses. Now the 2 planets mercury and venus remain close to the sun.
They are called inner planet as their path of revolution around the sun is between earth and sun.Their frequency of getting combust in a year is very high. Now here the confusion arises. Every astrologer uses own discretion while drawing results. Some totally ignore the combustion of inner planet and take account of only outer planet. Before making any final conclusion it is very important to understand the concept of eclipse first. For example in solar eclipse the moon comes between Sun and earth making the sun to set. Now apply the same method with mercury. There are two possibility during the revolution of mercury around the sun.i.e.
1) Mercury comes between sun and earth(called inferior conjunction)
2) Sun come between mercury and earth(called superior conjunction)
Inferior conjunction is possible only with Venus and Mercury. It happen when they are retrograde(or Vakri).In case I it is the sun which is the sufferer. In case II it is the mercury which will at the reciving end. So one should analyse the chart in a rational manner , rather than applying the old rules blindly.

Graphology - A handy tool of divination

When a person learns any new word he remembers only if it is recorded by the subconscious mind. So while writing , it is our subconscious mind which regulates it. Almost every science of prediction believes that in our subconscious mind holds the key information regarding all the traits of personality and future events . It is just like the Central processing unit of computer. So handwriting is just like a monitor of the brain. It fluctuates with the psychological condition of person. Analysis of handwriting helps in evaluation of human personality so that one can channelize the energy accordingly. “Graphology” is a study of handwriting. It reveals all the aspects of human psychology i.e personality,emotions and its intellect. Graphology detect the inner traits of a person as they are expressed in the formation of letters,spacing,slant etc. As far its application is concern, there are vast numbers of field. It guides to judge the right person for the right post in business. To judge the marital compatibility it gives fair idea about the likings and dislikings of each person. Even today the brain is the area which is far beyond the reach of medical science. So if proper research on graphology is done then it may prove handy for the medical practitioners. Even today “Graphotherepy” is used in which a lot of focus is given on handwriting with a purpose of changing the personality traits of a person. In the field of spirituality it is used as a divination tool.

Meaning of Vaastu

Human beings are the most advanced creation of nature on earth. All the socio-economic activities trigger from the home and terminate at the same. This requirement of a comfortable dwelling place, known as "house", along with other requirements of life was very well identified by our Sages long back. The hindu philosophy believes in benefits to mankind in most easily and quick manner. Our sages mentioned all the activites performed and the things required by human beings from birth to death in Vedas.Our sacred Vedas are the oldest literature on the earth. There is a mention of vaastu in Vedas. As per dictionary, the word “vaastu” means “to reside” and the word “shaastra” means “study”. In ancient times 64 vidyas were taught to student, in which vaastu shaastra was one amongst them. In borader sense Vaastu shastra is an ancient mystic science which deals in designing and construction of buildings .In other words it is an architectural science which harness the positive energies of nature to make the living place auspicious and prosperous for the inhabitants. It is based upon principles of balancing the elements of nature. Any imbalance between them brings disharmony for the inhabitants. It is proved in science that every single unit in the universe affects each other. Since all creations are done on earth, therefore one should take into account of effect of earth on human. In vaastu shaastra emphasise is given on study of earth and its environment on human beings because there is a correlation and a complex pattern relating to human behaviour and built environment around him due to various unseen forces affect human body vertically, horizontally, diagonally and perpendicularly. Vaastu shaastra blends all the aspects of art, science &  astrology for making the earth better place to live

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Astrology and Sports!

In astrology there are various hidden rules which are yet to be tested and analysed in a prudent way in the modern context. During my Banaras visit I was searching for some books on astrology. I found an intresting material on “chakras”.The “chakras” is the nakshatra based system of prediction. I always found “Chakras” are the most mysterious and challenging . This is the reason I decided to do research on it. During world cup hockey 2010, I got a call from one person(who was also a well known astrologer) ,asked for the prediction of the outcome of the semi final match between Australia and Netherlands since he was banking upon Netherlands to win the match(even the media was favouring Netherlands). But I was not agreed with him. I am presenting excerpt (only a part is published here)of my research work. I took account of Rahu , the sun and the moon. It is important to note that 13 nakshatras which are yet to be traveled by Rahu is called “Mrit Paksha”(considered inauspicious) and the remaining 13 are called “Jeeva Paksha”(considered auspicious). In the analysis Moon is called “The attacker” and the sun is called “ the attacked”. Now it is the position of sun and moon during the match decides the outcome. If the moon is in Jeeva paksha then the attacker wins and if the sun is in the Jeeva Paksha then the defender wins.
Interpretation of Result
1)If Moon’s nakshatra is between 2nd and 14th from the Rahu’s nakshatra then the Attacker wins
2) If Sun’s nakshatra is between 2nd and 14th from the Rahu’s nakshatra then the defender wins.
3) If Moon’s nakshatra and Sun’s nakshatra is between 2nd and 14th from the Rahu’s nakshatra then the both wins.
4) The nakshatra from the 16th to 28th (including Abhijit) is the indicator of loss.
5) The 15th nakshatra from the rahu’s is the neutral point.
Example- If rahu is transiting in Rohini nakshatra and Moon is in Mrigshira and Sun is in Ashiwini nakshatra , then the team that begins the attack will win. In vice versa case, where Moon is in Ashwini nakshatra and Sun is in Mrigshira nakshatra then the team that begin attack will loose because at that time the sun is transiting in Jeev Paksha making the attacked party stronger.