Sunday, December 14, 2008

Rule is Rule

The five Pandavas were marride to Draupadi. To maintain the relegious conduct it was decided that Draupadi will spend one year with each of the Pandavas. Also it was decided that no brother would disturb the Draupadi and other brother with her during that year. In case of breach of this rule, then there was a penelty for exile. One day a brahmin came to Arjun for his help because some one had stolen his cow. Since Arjun was a kshatriya, so it was his duty to help the brahmin. But there was a problem because his arrow and bows were in the room of his elder brother Yudhishthir and Draupadi. As per rule he could not disturb his brother. He was in a state of dilemma. But he decide to help brahmin at any cost. So he rushed towards Yudhisthir room. And after getting his bow and arrows he rushed to catch the thief. With his courage he manage get back the cow of brahmin. Since he had broken the rule, so he went to Yudhisthir for confession. Elder brother Yudhisthir knew the breach of rule by Arjun, but he pardon him for his mistake because the rule was broken for a noble cause. But the Arjuna was so strong that he could not take his words back. At once he left the kingdom for a one year exile.

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