Friday, December 12, 2008

Secret Code

There was a king of Magadha called Brihadratha. He had two wives but no children. Once a sage gave him a special fruit to give it to his wife so that the king would be bless with a son. But the king gave half of the fruit to each queen. Strangely in time they gave birth to half a child each. One half was the left side and the other half the right. In the city there was a demoness called Jara. With her magic powers she united the two halves of the child. King and queen were happy and named the child “Jarasandh” . Later the Jarasandh became very powerful and acquired a boon that no weapon could cause his death. Jarasandh was father in law of Kansa. Since Lord Krishna had killed Kansa, so Jarasandh had an inimical feeling towards Lord Krishna. To kill Jarasandh was too difficult due to protection of boon. Once Lord Krishna decided to visit his court along with Bheema and Arjun. Here Lord Krishna played a trick and asked Bheema to challenge Jarasandh for a fight. As a result a very intense fight was fought between Bheema and Jarasandh for 14 days. All the efforts for Bheema went in vain because every time he crushes the body of Jarasandh, his pieces were reunited. Only Lord Krishna knew the secret of Jarasandh. Immediately Lord Krishna picked the blade grass, tore it into 2 parts and threw in opposite direction. He did it just to signal Bheema. This secret signal Bheema well understood. Bhima tore apart Jarasandha in two pieces lengthwise and threw away the pieces in opposite directions i.e. right piece of body on the left side and the left piece of body on the right side. In this way the mighty Jarasandh was killed due to trick of Lord Krishna.

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