Sunday, January 18, 2009

Legend of Chamundaji

In Satyayuga there were 2 demons Shumbh and Nishumbh who with their extreme devotions manage to acquire extreme powers from Lord Brahma. The terrified gods requested to Jagdamba Devi for the help. She created another female “Kaushiki” out of her body with an assignment of killing the demon brothers. On hearing about the beauty of kaushika devi they send their commander ‘Chanda” and “ Munda”. Fierece battle took place between devi and Chanda and munda. Kaushika devi produced a shakti called “Kalika” from her forehead who ultimately killed the brave commanders Chanda and munda. After that incident kalika shakti known as “Chamunda Devi”. The temple situated at the bank of baan ganga in Kangra district. Across the river, there is a cremation ground , to bring solace to departing soul. A very interesting legend is linked regarding dead bodies brought to cremation ground with the boon granted to chand-mund. As per classical description goddess appeared in two forms
1) Maatrikas
2) 64 yoginis.
This temple is one of the 52 shakti peeth.
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