Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Bitter Enemy

Sage Dronacharya and King Drupad were childhood friends. Once Drupad promised Dronacharya at the Gurukul that he will help him in the hour of need. After the completion of their education they were separated. Dronacharya was too poor to take care of his family properly. One day his son,Ashwathama was hungry. In this difficult time he remind the promise of his friend King Drupad. He went to his kingdom for the help. But Drupad made fun of Dronacharya. It was very insulting experience for a Brahmin. He started teaching Kauravas and Pandavas. As a guru-dakshina, he demanded king Drupad from his students. It was Arjun, who defeated Drupad and brought him to Dronacharya for revenge. But Dronacharya forgive King Drupad as he took his revenge via Arjun. Though Drupad went back to his kingdom, but a strong enemity was born in his mind towards Dronacharya. He arranged special Yagya. Lord Agni blessed Drupad with a boy and girl. The boy was Drishtdyum and the girl was Draupadi. In the Mahabharata war, Drishtadyum played important role in killing of Dronacharya. Later son of Dronacharya, Ashwathama took the revenge of his father’s death.

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