Saturday, March 28, 2009

Shubh Navraatris

Navraatri means 9 nights. This is an auspicious period which is celebrated twice in a year i.e. in the month of Chaitra and in the month of Ashwin as per hindu calendar. This period is devoted to ‘Shakti-Pooja”. During the first 3 days of pooja is dedicated to Goddess “Mahakaali”. The next 3 days dedicated to Goddess “Mahalakshmi” and the last 3 days are dedicated to “Goddess Mahasaraswati”. This auspicious period coincides with the change of season. Fasting observe during these days is beneficial from physical aspect as well as spiritual aspect of life. During these 9 days Goddess Durga is worshipped in nine different forms which are as follows
1) Goddess Shailputri
2) Goddess Brahmacharini
3) Goddess Chandra Ghanta
4) Goddess Kushmanda
5) Goddess Skandmata
6) Goddess Katyayni
7) Goddess Kaalraatri
8) Goddess Mahagauri
9) Goddess Sidhidaatri

“Kalash(pot) Sthapna” is very important in the morning of first navratri.A metal pot filled with water and coconut at top of it is placed along with mango leaves(in odd numbers). It is a symbolic representation of Goddess. This process has to be performed strictly according to muhurat. As per ritual one should sow barley grains in a separate pot.After the completion of fast on ashtami tithi, it is important to worship small girl child which is symbolic to Goddess Durga. Recitation of Durga-Saptashati is considered as highly auspicious during navraatri

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