Monday, March 2, 2009

Naaryan Naarayan!

There was a Brahmin whose name was Ajaamil. He was learned man. But due to bad company he get surrounded by bad people all the time. He lost all his divine powers as well as knowledge acquired by him. Now he became an evil person who always engaged in stealing money and spending it on drinking wine. He married to a maid. Later he had a son whose name was “ Naraayan”. The childhood of a boy had a deep impact on Ajaamil. Most of his time was spent on his son. As the time passes Ajaamil fell seriously ill. It was even difficult for him to move an inch from his bed. He could easily felt the approaching death. But the impact of his son on his memory was so deep that kept calling his name all the day. This repeated calls to son started working as a magic because the word “Naarayan” means “Lord Vishnu”. He regain all his lost knowledge. He was remorseful for his sin committed during young age. When “Yam Dut”, the messengers of “God of Death” came to took him to Yamlok, Lord Vishnu himself came to rescue to Ajaamil in divine form. In this way Ajaamil finally reaches the “Baikunth Dhaam”, the abode of Lord Vishnu after the death.

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