Wednesday, June 20, 2007

The Story of Shaligram

According to the Puranas once a fierce battle broke out between Lord Shiva and the demon Shankhchura. Lord Shiva knew it well, that unless the chastity of Vrinda, the wife of Shankhchura, was spoiled, Shankhchura could not be killed.

To defeat Gods ,Shankhchura reached Parvati in the guise of Lord Shiva. But Parvati, knew by her virtues the craftiness of Shankhchura. She at once ended his guise and signalled Lord Krishna (Vishnu) that it was now just to spoil the chastity of Shankhchura's wife, Vrinda, and it will not be a sin .
So, Lord Krishna approached Vrinda in the guise of Shankhchura. Vrinda could not understand the craftiness, and as the Lord in guise form went for outing with her. In ancient time it was like a sin for a woman even to think about other man(In Modern society also if a female is found with unknown man, the questions are raised against the woman). Later on when Vrinda came to know the reality, she cursed Lord Krishna - go and turn into shapeless black stone.

Thus by the curse of a chaste woman Lord Krishna turned into a blackstone. But later on Vrinda felt guilty Thus begging pardon of God, she sought a boon that from that moment onward, God will be worshipped in the same stone form. Also she got a boon that she will also worshipped in the form of tree as Tulsi and Lord said that without your worship, mine worship will not be complete. . God accepted her curse and turned into a black stone, and came to be known as Shaligrama.


rahul said...

Hi! Sumit. It's quiet a confusing story. I would just like to know the message you wish to convey through this story. Is it just a fact? Or is there some learning. But for the demon fault why his wife was punished. Moreover, I feel its not a true mythological story and a distorted interpretation of the fact why the lord krish is prayed in black form.
It's purely my personal opinion. I have my own logic to support my statment.

Jyotishacharya Sumit Bajaj said...

My dear friend please refer Maha Shiv Puraan page 382.Its a story of before dwapar yuga. It is clearly stated there that Lord in guise form went for outing with the wife of demon. So on knowing the truth it was like unintentional sin for a woman in a man dominated society.So on reading this article in Kaliyuga no one can question on God's modus operendi.As far as message is concern "Tulsi " is so sacred plant that at the time of Pooja,Lord is also present in Shaligram form.

Jyotishacharya Sumit Bajaj said...

The word " sheel bhang" has been written in classics which actually means defamation. Defamation can happen even if an unknown man found talking freely to woman. This article is for those who have a little bit knowledge of Dharma.It is not for teaching the Dharma.Tulsi is one form of Shakti. In this article the message is that to meet the Lord, Vrinda takes next birth in the form of tulsi not marry Him in the form of Vrinda. In this way "Tulsi" becomes the most sacred plant

Jyotishacharya Sumit Bajaj said...

You answer to question is that it was Vrinda's tapasya's phal that in which she demanded Lord vishnu in her husband's form. Lord bless her that it is possible only in next birth. Second view she was so pavitra that her husband could not be killed unless her chastity is ruined.Third view that demon was allowed to marry vrinda to protect himself from death because he had a boon that only "pativrata" female can save her life. So this is the whole logic of story

rahul said...

Thax! Sumit I could understand now. I feel its very important that in kalyug we consider everything done in physical form only. Whereas sin in thought is sin in deed. Its like "man changa to katoti mein ganga"

Rahul Sharma