Wednesday, December 14, 2016

The learning

"Life should not be measured by just the numbers of years you live but by the experiences you had & learnings you got from them"

These can be good as well as painful.

Good relationships as well as those which were broken.

Wining as well as loosing.......

However the bottomline is the willingness to learn from the experiences and being open to improve with each experience.

More you want to learn from each experience,more you are open to do new experiments,

More you experiment, more you become innovative. You will start  working  on the new opportunities,would try the new markets, new products, new strategies & would become more flexible.

This gives you more learning which is beyond the books and which is  beyond the physical age.

From here the growth starts and history of successful persons begins.

Start your journey of real learning today. Be motivated and define your own destiny. Learn from experience and don't give up.

All the best! God bless!

Contributed by
Mr Gaurav Narang ji

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