Friday, June 3, 2016

The Powerful Man

A father provided best of education, good moral support, money nd evthfin poss..
Boy becomes a top shot..
Boy gets a grand cabin in the best office of world.
His father feels proud nd very powerful...visits his office.
Son is sitting on his chair. Father goes to the back side, keeps his hands on the shoulders of his son.
And father asks a question: Who is the most powerful man in the world?
(Father expects that son will say- of course you dad.)

Son proudly says: I am the most powerful person.

Father feels shattered. With wet eyes tries to walk out of the office. But at gate asks once again- oh so you feel that you are most powerful.

Son says innocently :
No, dad you are most powerful.

Father: but couple of minutes back you said that you are most powerful.

Son: I said rightly. At that time your hands were on my shoulder.

Contributed by
Mrs Rashmi Gogia ji 

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