Sunday, April 22, 2012

Panch Kanya

'Ahalya, Draupadi, Sita, Tara, Mandodari tatha,
Panchakanya smarn nityam maha pataka nasanam'
As per above shloka, remembering the 5 panch kanya(5 women), mentioned here in pooja can remove the sin

According to scriptures the following 5 women are called "Panch Kanyas" .
1)Ahilya- She was a wife of Sage Gautam. She suffered the curse of her husband for many years.She waited of Lord Rama for many years to liberate her from the curse
2) Draupadi- During the exile, she supported her husbands at every point.She took the death of her son,Abhimanyu with courage and strength
3)Sita- She was an incarnation of goddess lakshmi. She remained with Lord Rama in the most difficult conditions which she could had been avoided. The was totally dedicated to Lord Rama.
4)Tara- She was the wife of King Bali. She was famous for her diplomacy and even after the death of her husband she laid condition before her brother in law Sugriv to make her son successor of the throne.
5)Mandodri- She was the wife of King Ravana. She knew the nature of her husband and she handled him very well till the end and kept persuading him to drop the idea of Sita from his mind.
remembering them helps to destroy the greatest sins.

The literal meaning of 'kanya' means 'a young girl'. Though the above 5 women were married and their lives were full of miseries.They were much ahead of the time and tackled the most difficult situations of their lives with courage.

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