Thursday, November 12, 2009

The Praan Shakti

Everyone knows how air is important for life. The air is known as “Vaayu” in hindi. The function of air is not restricted to inhalation or exhalation which is called breathing. In broader concept, our body is governed by the vital energy called “Praan” which is present in our body in different forms of air or vaayu. It is of 5 forms-
1) Praan Vayu(Present between throat and heart. It controls inhalation)
2) Upana Vayu(Present in pelvis.It controls exhalation.)
3) Saman Vayu(Present in naval region.It helps in digestion.)
4) Udana Vayu(Present between thraot and head.It control speech and anxiety)
5) Vyana Vayu(Present in whole body.It controls nerves, veins, muscles and joints). It is often called as aura.

There are other 5 subdivsion of the vaayu (air) in our body as follows
a)Naag-prana (It is responsible for sneezing)
b)Kurma-prana(it causes shivering)
c)Krikar-prana (It causes hunger)
d)Devdat- prana(It brings sleep)
e)Dhanjay- prana (It helps in preserving the body).

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