Wednesday, July 8, 2009

The Famous Five

It is believe that the life originate from the 5 basic elements called “Panch-tatva”. The word “Panch” means five and the word “Tatva” means element. As per classics these 5 elements created by God in specific order. At first “Aakash(space) tatva” was created, whose main feature is sound. At the second step “Vaayu(air) tatve” was created having touch as its main feature. In third order, “Agni(fire) tatva” was created. At the fourth place “Jal (water) tatva” was created . Lastly “Prithvi(earth) tatva” created. In all the living being these 5 elements are present. As per hindu mythology, the supreme soul is also worshipped as manifestation of these 5 elements. There are 5 temples in south India where Lord is presents in 5 different elements. They are called as Panchbhoot sthalams.
Following are the 5 panchbhhot sthalams
1)The Ekambareshwar Temple(In kanchipuram).Here lord is present in Prithvi tatvam
2)The Srikaalhasti Temple(In Chitoor dist.). Here lord is present in Vaayu Tatvam
3)The Natraj temple (At Chidambram). Here lord is present in Aakash Tatvam
4)The Arunachaleshwar temple(At Tiruannamalai). Here lord is present in Agni Tatvam
5)The Jambukeshwar Temple(At Trichi). Here lord is present in Jal Tatvam
They are mukti giving sacred places. The ambience of each of temple is so divine that one would have unique experience that can not be expressed in words.

The Arunachaleshwar Temple(Lord in Fire Roop) in Tiruannamalai

The Temple of Srikaalhasti (Lord in Vayu Roop)

The Ekambreshwar Temple of Kanchipuram(Lord in Prithvi Roop)

The Jambukeshwar Temple of Trichy

The Natraj Temple(Lord in Aakash Roop)

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Five Elements (Panchtatva)